Canard Aux Petits Pois. Duck And Green Peas

Truss a Duck (or two Ducklings) like a Fowl for boiling; scald it, and braze it with slices of Lard and Lemon, a little Broth, whole Pepper, Salt, a Faggot, two Cloves, Thyme, and half a Leaf of Laurel: Put a quart of Peas into a Stew-pan, with a bit of Butter, a faggot of Parsley, a little Mint, Broth md Gravy: When done, add a little Cullis, Pepper and Salt, and serve upon the Duck, being well drained.

Canetons Routes - Duckling Rolled

Make a good Forced-meat with Breasts of roasted Poultry as usual; cut a pretty large Duckling in two, bone it thoroughly, and lay the Farce thereupon; roll it up, tie slices of Lard round it, and boil it in a little Broth, with a glass of white Wine, a Faggot, md two Cloves: When done, squeeze the Fat gently out, and wipe the Duck clean: Serve with what Sauce you please. - Small Ducklings may be dressed in the same manner, observing only that they must not be cut in two.

Canetons En Hatereau - Duckling's Roasted On Small Skewers

Put one or two Ducklings into quarters, bone them, and fill each piece with a Forced-meat, like the former; roll them tight, lard them like a Fricandeau, and put them on skewers to roast: Serve with a Sauce made of Jelly Broth, Cullis, half a glass of Wine, a Faggot, a slice of Lemon, Pepper and Salt, boiled a little while together, and sifted. - You may also braze a whole Duck, stuffed with the like Forced-meat, and serve with what Sauce you think proper. The Sauce gives it the name.

Canetons De Rouen A La Broche - Rouen Ducklings Roasted

IF you would have them for a First-course Dish, give them a few turns with Butter in a Stew-pan, then wrap them up in Paper to roast: They must not be too much done. Serve with a good Consommee Sauce, chopped Shallots, the Juice of an Orange, Pepper and Salt. - If for a Second-course Dish, roast them crisp without Paper, and serve also with Juice of Seville Orange.

Canetons A L'italienne - Ducklings Italian Fashion

Put one or two Ducklings into a Stew-pan to sim--mer a little while on a slow fire, with fine Oil, Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt; then put them into another Pan upon a few slices of Veal and Ham, and all the first seasoning; cover them with slices of Lard, and soak on a very slow fire; then add a glass of white Wine and Broth, and finish the brazing: Add some Cullis to the Sauce, skim the Fat off very clean, and sift it in a sieve; wipe the Ducklings clean, drain out the Fat, and serve the Sauce upon them; or a Sauce Italienne.

Caretons en Fricandeaux. Ducklings in Fricandeau, Are larded and brazed as the former; then glazed and finished according to all similar directions.

Canetons A La Purée Verte - Ducklings With Green Peas Porridge

Put a few slices of Veal and Ham into a Stew-pan, with one sliced Onion, and two Carrots cut into pieces; soak these together on a middling fire, and add some Broth when it begins to catch like a Cullis; then boil on a slow fire till the Meat is done: Simmer your Peas about half an hour, with a bit of Butter, the green Tops of Shallots, a little Winter Savory and Parsley: When they are done, sift them in a Sta-mine; and then sift the Sauce to mix with the Porridge: You may do the same with dry Peas, only adding Spinach Juice to make the Porridge green: Stuff two Ducklings with scalded Lettuces chopped, White of Fowl and Livers, scraped Lard, Shallots, Parsley Pepper, Salt, and two Yolks of Eggs; braze as the former, and serve with the green Porridge.

Canard en Timbale. (See Veal, Pig, Chickens, etc.)