Epinars A La Creme - Spinach With Cream

Scald the Spinach in boiling Water a few minutes; drain and give it a few chops with a Knife; put it into a Stew-pan, with a good bit of Butter, Salt, and a little Nutmeg; simmer a good while on a slow Fire, and add Cream only sufficient to keep a good strong Liaison; garnish with fried Bread.

Epinars En Tabatieres - Spinach In Snuff-boxes

Cut bits of stale Bread, pretty thick, and give them the Form of Snuff-boxes of any Shape; scoop the jnside without breaking through, leave a border of a proper thickness, and fry them of a good brown colour, in Butter, Oil, or Hog's Lard; drain them as all Fritures, and fill them with a well-seasoned Spinach Ragout: Serve with or without a cover; the trimmings will serve to make Bread Crumbs.

Epinars A L'angloise - Spinach The English Fashion

When properly washed and drained, put it into a Stew-pan on a slow Fire, until it is quite done; drain its own Water out, and add a good bit of Butter rolled in Flour, Salt, and a little rasped Nutmeg; toss it up, to make a Liaison of the Flour and Butter, and garnish with fried Bread.

Epinars A La Bonne Femme - Spinach The Good Housewife's Fashion

When well picked and washed, put it into a Stew-pan, with a good bit of Butter, a faggot of Parsley, a few Shallots, one Clove, Salt, and coarse Pepper;

Pepper; simmer on a slow Fire, stirring now and then, and let the Sauce be much reduced: When ready, add a bit of Sugar, a bit of Butter rolled in Flour, and fi-nish as the last.

Epinars a la Provenšale, Spinach the Provence fashion, It is done the same way, only using Garlick instead of Shallots, and Oil instead of Butter. - I have already observed, in Part, that all Dishes under this Denomination, are very abundant in Oil and Garlick; the People of the country being very fond of both.

Epinars Au Bouillon

The Spinach is stewed in good Cullis, when scalded and drained.

Epinars A La St. Cloud

The Spinach is scalded and drained as usual, then stewed with a little Butter, a slice of Ham, a faggot of Parsley, Chibol, and one Shallot; simmer a while, then take out the Faggot and Ham; add a little Cullis, Cream, and proper Seasoning, and reduce the Sauce to a good strong Liaison.