Perches out of Rivers, or clear running Water are best; those of marshy Pools, or muddy Ponds are apt to have a disagreeable taste. They are very good and wholesome, when pretty large and fat.

Perche Au Beurre. Perches With Butter Sauce

Trim off the Gills, and half of the Roe by the; Gills, to hinder them from bursting; tie up the Heads with packthread, and boil them with half white Wine and half Water, a good bit of Butter, slices of Onions, bits of Carrots and Parsley, two Cloves, two slices of Lemon, Pepper and Salt: When done, drain and scale them, and make a Sauce with Butter, a little Flour, some Broth, Pepper, Salt, and a good Lemon Squeeze: Serve upon the Fish.

Perche a la Tartare. Perch Tartary Fashion. Scale some middling Perches, cut them in two, flatten them a little with the handle of a knife, and marinate them about an hour in Oil, with chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, and Powder of Basil; let as much of the Herbs flick to them as possible, and sprinkle Bread Crumbs over; broil them slowly, basting with the Marinade: Serve with a Sauce made of Cullis, a bit of Butter, Pepper, Salt, and a Lemon Squeeze.

Perches A Differentes Sauces & Ragouts - Perches With Various Sauces And Ragouts

Boil Perches in Broth and Wine, or braze them with a few slices of Bacon and Veal: When done, scale them, and serve with a Craw-fish Ragout, or a Ragout of Carp-roes, Sweet-breads, or any other: You may also serve them upon a napkin, with what Sauce you think proper, in a boat.

Perches a la Sainte Menehoult, are done after the same manner as all such directions, and so may all kinds of Fresh and Salt-water Fish.

Perches A L'angloise - Perches English Fashion

Boil some Water for half an hour, with a good deal of Parsley, a few green Shallots, two or three Cloves, one Onion sliced, Thyme, Laurel, and a small handful of Salt; sift the Water clean, scale the Perches, and boil them therein: Make a Sauce with Butter and Flour, a little Vinegar, Capers, Anchovies, and two Yolks of hard Eggs chopped very fine, a few spoon-fuls of Broth, Pepper, Salt, and a little Nutmeg: Make a Liaison pretty thick, and serve upon the Fish when well drained of the Water.

Mattelotte De Perche A L'eau, Matelot Of Perches

Make a Roux (as formerly explained) with Butter and Flour; then put Water to it, with Parsleyroots, Carrots, Parsneps, slices of Onions, two or three Cloves, and a Laurel-leaf; boil these about half an hour, and sift the Liquor in a sieve; put this to what quantity of Perches you think proper, well cleaned and scalded; one Eel cut into pieces, or any sort of Fresh-water Fish; a glass of Brandy and Salt; boil on a smart fire to reduce the Liquor; and when almost done, add some Parsley coarsely chopped: You may add a little Butter if necessary.

Perches Au Fin De Champagne - Perches With White Wine

Take out the Gills and half the Roe, boil them, without scalding, in a pint of white Wine and some good Broth, with a faggot of sweet Herbs, two or three Cloves, whole Pepper, Salt, and two spoon-fuls of good Oil: When done, take them out to scale; boil and reduce the Sauce, take out the Faggot, add some Butter rolled in Flour, a little chopped scalded Parsley, and a Lemon Squeeze, when ready to serve.

Perches Frites - Fried Perches

Clean and scale them, and flit the Sides in several places; marinate them about an hour in the Juice of a Lemon, with Pepper, Salt, sprigs of Parsley, one whole clove of Garlick, and a Laurel-leaf; then drain and roll them in Flour to fry of a good brown Colour: Serve with fried Parsley.