Pâté De Faisand. Pheasant Pie

Leave it whole, and make a Farce with the Liver chopped, Truffles, scraped Lard or Butter, a little Pepper and Salt; lard it as usual, put scraped Lard and Butter mixed round the inside of the Pie, and slices of Lard upon it; finish as all others.

Pâté D'esturgeon - Sturgeon Pie

Pies may be made of all sorts of Sea and fresh Water Fish, following the same method in all the different kinds. I shall only speak of such as are most in use: Sturgeon for Pae maigre; Lard it with Eel, seasoned with fine Spices, and chopped sweet Herbs: for Gras, lard it with Lard, and the same Seasoning, and put a sufficient quantity of Butter into the Pie, according to the quantity of Fish; finish as all other Pies.

Pâté De Macreuse, A Wild Fowl Pie

The Macreuse is a Water Fowl, not common in England; it resembles a small kind of Ducks, which mostly come to London out of Lincolnshire; the market people call them Shufflers. The Macreuse is a larger Bird, and of cold Blood, for which it is reckoned of the Fish-kind; and the most rigid Paptist will cat it in Lent, or any other Fasting-day; it is miffed like a Duck for a Pie, (or for any thing else) larded with Anchovies, seasoned with Pepper, Salt, and sweet Herbs; put a good quantity of Butter into the Pie, and finish as all others, Pat'e de Truite.

Trout Pie (a Cold Dish)

Clean it properly; cut off the head and tail, and lard it through and through with Anchovies and Truffles, seasoned as usual; stuff it with chopped Truffles and sweet Herbs, mixed with Butter; put the Fish into a raised Pie, with a good deal of Butter upon it, and bake it about two hours. Note, that those Fish Pies are equally made with Meat, and are much better than when Meagre.

Pâté De Soles - Soal Pie

Mix five or six pounded Anchovies with a pound of Butter, or more, half a pound of chopped Truffles, and a little Powder of Basil; take up each Soal in four large fillets, and marinate them about two hours in Lemon Juice; then drain' them, lay a good down of the first preparation into the Pie, and then some of the Fish; so continue, covering with Butter at the last; finish the Pie, and bake it about two hours.

Pâté De Saumon. Salmon Pie

Lard it with Eel and Anchovies soaked and seasoned with fine Spices and all sorts of sweet Herbs finely chopped; put Butter under, and over, with some of the same Seasoning. - Eels, Pikes, or any other kind of Fishes, may be dressed in Pies after the same manner, either for Gras or Meagre. All Pies of this sort should be pretty well relished with Lemon,