Esturgeon A L'angloise - Sturgeon, English Fashion

Put the Fish into a Kettle much of its own bigness, with Water and Vinegar sufficient to cover it, (one fourth of Vinegar to the whole quantity of Water) Salt, a little whole Pepper, one Onion cut in two, and bits of Carrots and Parsley-roots: When boiled suffi-ciently, serve with Caper and Butter Sauce, or Anchovies, or any other, as you shall think proper for Fish.

Esturgeon A La Provenšale. Sturgeon, Provence Fashion

Lard it half Lard and half Anchovies; braze it with Slices of Veal, one slice of Ham, a faggot of sweet Herbs, one clove of Garlick, two or three Shallots, three Cloves, a little Basil, and whole Pepper; cover it over with thin slices of Lard, and let it soak on the Fire about half an hour; then add a pint of white Wine, or more, according to judgment, and finish the brazing; skim and sift the Braze, add some good Cullis, and reduce it to the consistence of a Sauce;

Sauce; lastly, add a Lemon Squeeze, and serve the Sauce upon the Fish.

Esturgeon A La Bate - Sturgeon In Haste

Cut thin slices of Sturgeon, of what length you think proper; put them into a Stew-pan with a good bit of Butter, and give them a few turns over the Fire, turning them once or twice; (they will require but a short time to do them); when you take them out, season them with Pepper and Salt; put to the Butter in the Stew-pan first used two or three Glasses of red Wine, two spoonfuls of Cullis, chopped Parsley, and green Shallots; boil this a few minutes on a smart Fire, add proper seasoning, and put the slices in it to warm without boiling; add some chopped Capers, and garnish the Dish with fried Bread.

Grenadins D'esturgeon - Small Fricandeaux Of Sturgeon

Cut the Sturgeon into small Fricandeaux, and lard them; braze them on a slow Fire, with a few slices of Veal, one dice of Ham, a faggot of sweet Herbs, and a Liquid of half white Wine and half Broth; when done, sift the Braze, skim it, and reduce it to a Caramel, to glaze the larded side of the Grenadins: Serve with what Sauce you think proper, as Sauce au Vin de Champagne, a l'Espagnole, au Pontife, etc. You may equally prepare a large dice in the same maner, or a whole Sturgeon, being first skinned. Small Sturgeons are often dressed whole, in all the different ways herein mentioned, adding the seasoning with judgment and taste, which are the best guides in Cookery.

Esturgeon A La Cendre

Sturgeon on Ashes, or brazed very slowly.

Lard a good piece of Sturgeon, half Lard and half Ham; give it a fry for a few minutes in Butter, with fine chopped Parsley, green Shallots, two cloves of Garlick, two of Spices, a small sprig of Fennel, and a little coarse Pepper; then put a few thin slices of Veal under the Fish in the same Pan; cover it over with thin slices of Lard, and white Paper upon it; let it stew on a very slow or Ashes Fire, both under and over, and add a glass of white Wine: When done, take out the Fish, and add a few spoon-fuls of Cullis; sift and skim the Braze very free from Fat, give it a boiling, and add a Lemon Squeeze, if necessary, to make the Sauce pretty relishing.