Pigeons A La Daube, Et Au Fenouil - Pigeons Dobed, With Or Without Fennel

Singe and truss large Pigeons as Chickens for boiling, lard them through and through with large . Lardons, seasoned in Spices, put them into a Pot that will just hold them, with slices of Veal, Ham, and a bunch of Parsley, Chibols, Shallots, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, three or four Cloves, coarse Pepper, a glass or two of white Wine, and finish them on a slow fire. -If for a First-coarse Dish, sift the Braze, and skim off the Fat very clean; add a little Cullis to thicken it, and serve it upon the Pigeons. - If they are intended to be eaten cold, lay the Pigeons on the Tabledish, sift the Sauce over them without Cullis, and put them bye in a cool place. - In the last instance, the Pigeons are brazed as usual, being previously stuffed with a Farce made of their Livers and proper season-ing, and a little Fennel scalded and chopped fine; or with Fennel mixed with Butter and Cullis for Sauce, which may be served with them whether they are brazed or roasted.

Pigeons A L'eminence - Pigeons The Cardinal's Fashion

Take small Pigeons that have been brazed, and put them into the Shells of large Craw-fish; braze them a little while together, with a few slices of Veal and Ham, and proper seasoning. They are finished after the same manner as the Pigeons accompagnées out Ecr'evisses, (see pag. 242.) and served with the Sauce of the last brazing, (being properly skimmed and sifted) adding a little Cullis thereto, and relishing them properly with Lemon Juice.

Pigeons A L'allemande - Pigeons German Fashion

Trim a quarter of a hundred of small Craw-fish, and put them into a Sauce-pan with a good piece of Butter, some Mushrooms, Thyme, Laurel, a bunch of Parsley, a few Chibols, two Cloves, and a slice Ham; keep them on a brisk fire for a few minutes, add some Broth, Pepper and Salt; braze about half an hour, and reduce the Liquid to a good consistence; then take out the Parsley and Ham, make a Liaison with raw Yolks of Eggs and Cream, and, when ready, add a Lemon Squeeze, and serve upon small Pigeons brazed as the last.

Pigeons A L'echalotte - Pigeons Farced With Shallots

Make a Farce with the Livers chopped with a few Shallots, and mixed with Butter, Pepper, Salt, and the Yolks of two Eggs: Stuff the Pigeons, and roast them, being wrapped first in Lard, and afterwards in Paper: Serve with a Sauce made of a little Broth, a piece of Butter rolled in Flour, a little Salt, Pepper, and grated Nutmeg; make a Liaison without boiling, add a good Lemon Squeeze, and serve under the Pigeons.

Pigeons En Matelotte - Matlot Of Pigeons

Truss four middle-sized Pigeons as for boiling, singe them, and scald each with a couple of Anchovies; put them into a Stew-pan with a proper quantity of Butter, one dozen (or more) of small Onions, a faggot of Parsley, Chibols, one or two Shallots, two Cloves, and a little scalded Fennel; give them a few turns on the fire, and afterwards simmer them slowly in Broth, with a glass of white Wine, coarse Pepper and Salt: When they are about three parts done, skim off the Fat very clean, add a little Cullis, with some small Sausages scalded, and finish the stewing; relish the Sauce with a good Lemon Squeeze.