Poitrine De Veau En Crépine, Breast Of Veal In Cowl

Braze it till about half done; then cut the skin off the gristly part, make small incisions with a knife, wherein to stick some sliced Truffles, or Mushrooms, or both, with pickled Girkins, and Roots of other colours ready boiled; intermix all properly, throw a little Salt over, and wrap it up in Cowl and Paper; finish it by roasting, then strip it, and serve with what Sauce or Ragout you think proper.

Poitrine De Veau A La Romaine - Breast Of Veal Roman Fashion

It is half brazed and marinated whole, as the Gristles are marinated; then bathed with yolks of Eggs, and Bread Crumbs, to fry or broil of a good colour: serve it dry, or with a Sauce, or fried Parsley.

Cotelettes De Veau A La Mariée - Veal Cutlets Bride Fashion

Cut a Neck of Veal into Cutlets; when well scalded upon the fire, put them into a Stew-pan with half a glass of Oil, two Laurel Leaves, a slice of Ham, Pepper and Salt; simmer it about half an hour, then add a glass of white Wine, as much Cullis, and a few chopped Truffles; finish on a slow fire; when done take out the Cutlets, let them drain, take the Ham and Laurel Leaves out of the Sauce, skim it well, and add a bit of Butter and Flour, with a little scalded Chervil, chopped fine; when ready, add a good Lemon squeeze.

Cotelettes De Veau Grillées - Veal Cutlets Broiled

Cut the Cutlets pretty thick, and dip them in good Oil with chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt; make the Herbs stick to it, and add Bread Crumbs if you please; broil slowly, and serve them with Cullis and Verjuice, or Lemon, or any clear Sauce as you shall think proper.

Cotelettes De Veau En Ragout. Veal Cutlets Ragout

They are brazed, and served in the same manner as the Breast, with the same sort of Ragouts, or any you shall think proper: See the Ragout Articles.

Cotelettes De Veau En Papillotes. Veal Cutlets In Paper

Chop all sorts of Sweet Herbs, Pepper and Salt; mix these with a little Oil, cover the Cutlets with it, wrap them in Paper, rubbed over with Butter; broil slowly, and serve with or without Sauce. You may wrap them also in very thin slices of Lard, to nourish them in broiling.

Cotelettes De Veau Marinées - Veal Cutlets Marinated

Veal Cutlets marinated are done as all former directions for Marinate, or as the Breast of Veal marinated; and served with any Sauce.

Cotelettes De Veau Composees - Veal Cutlets Composed, Or Shammed

Take the remainder of a roasted Neck of Veal, make a Forced-meat of it, with Bread Crumbs, Suet or scraped Lard, sweet Herbs, Mushrooms, four yolks of Eggs, Pepper and Salt; make this in the form of Cutlets, leaving a cavity in the middle to put in the remains, or a fresh made Ragout of Truffles, Coxcombs, Sweet Breads, etc. Stick one Rib to each prepared Cutlet; garnish with Bread Crumbs, bathed with Eggs; put them in a deep Pan, and place them in the Oven to take a good colour, or fry them: Serve with a good relishing or clear Sauce.