Omelettes D'anchois, Ou De Harengs Sorets. Omelets With Anchovies, Or Red Herrings

Either of these must be well soaked, stripped of the Bones, and cut into small Fillets; mix with the Eggs a couple of spoonfuls of Cream, a little sweet Basil-powder, coarse Pepper, Nutmeg, and bits of Butter: Bake it as usual, not too stiff, but of the, consistence of Marrow.

Omelette Omelettes Aux Onions. Onion Omelets

Fry two or three sliced Onions in Butter till they are quite done, add two Yolks of Eggs, and a little chopped Parsley; make two small Omelets without Salt, put the Onions and a few fillets of Anchovies upon them, and roll them length-ways; have some pieces of Bread cut like toast, and fried in Butter; cut the Omelets according to the largeness and length of the Bread, and place them thereon; pour a little melted Butter over, and strew them with Bread Crumbs and rasped Parmesan Cheese; give them a good colour in the Oven, or with a Salamander: Serve what Sauce you please under.

Omelettes A La Dauphine. Omelets The Dauphin Fashion

Make a couple of thin Omelets, spread them upon a Dish, and garnish with Pistachio Cream, Cherries, and Apricot Marmalade; roll them up to cut to the bigness of a little Almond Paste, formed in moulds, or any other Pastry; glaze them with a little Sugar and a hot Shovel.

Omelettes A La Creme. Omelets With Cream

Boil a pint of Cream, with the Crumbs of a French Roll, chopped Parsley, green Shallots, a little Pepper and Salt; boil it till it is quite thick, then add five or six Eggs, or more, to make the Omelet as usual; only observe, that it requires a longer time to do.

Omelette en Hatereaux, This is done thin, with chopped sweet Herbs, Oil instead of Butter, Pepper and Salt: Serve with bits of fried Bread, garnished with fillets of Anchovies, between two bits of Omelets, cut to what bigness you think proper.

Omelettes D La Fermiere. See Ditto, A La Servante

Omelettes au Foie, with minced Livers of Poultry or Game: They are first seasoned, and prepared as for Ragout; then either mixed with the Eggs, or served between two, or folded in one Omelet.

Omelettes au Sang, with Blood: Mix with the Eggs, cither Poultry or Lamb's Blood, a bit of Butter, and Seasoning.

Omelette Au Parmesan - Omelet With Parmesan Cheese

Beat up about a dozen of Eggs, and mix therein a couple of spoonfuls of rasped Parmesan Cheese, some Pepper, but no Salt, as the Cheese will make it salt enough; make four Omelets of this quantity pretty thin; spread some Parmesan Cheese over each; roll them up, and lay them on the Table-dish; pour a little melted Butter over, and a little more Cheese; put the Dish in the Oven about a quarter of an hour to take colour.