Pain De Fambon A La Mayence. Ham Roll, Or Cold Loaf

Cut thin slices of ready-boiled or roasted Westpha-lia Ham; make a little Farce with some of the Fat and chopped sweet Herbs; have such kind of Paste as is made for French Rolls, beat a bit of it flat with the hand, according to the bigness required, put some of the Farce upon a few slices of Ham, then the Past, and continue this two or three times over, finish-ing with the Paste, which you form as a small Loaf that nothing else may appear; bake it upon a Baking-plate in a middling Oven: Serve cold. - These kinds of Loaves are mostly used on a journey, as being very convenient to carry about.

Pain En Surprise - Malted Loaf

Take a French Roll well crusted, and take out all the Crumbs; dry the Crust in the Oven, glaze it all over with white Glaze, and put it again a moment into the Oven to dry; when it is cold, fill it with Blanc-mange; and' when pretty thick, put it on the Table-dish in a cool place, or upon Salt, or Ice, till the Blanc-mang'e is quite firm: This is done either with one large Roll, or three or four small ones.

Pain De Morilles & De Champignons, Morel, Or Mushroom Loaf

Cut a slice of Bread round the Loaf about an inch thick; fink it about half, leaving a pretty thick border; pare it properly in scollop, or in any other shape, to give it a handsome look; fry it in Butter, and serve a good Ragout of Mushrooms or Morels in it; you may likewise serve Asparagus, Pease, or stewed Spinach in the same manner: The two first are alto served upon a flat Toast, or fried Bread, or half a Roll dried in the Oven, and put into the middle of the Dish. - Some Bakers in London make little hollow Rolls fit for the purpose, which they call Oyster Rolls, as being often used to serve Oyster Ragout in.

Pain A L'espagnole

Spanish Loaf, from being dipped in Spanish Wine, Take out all the Crumbs of five or six small Rolls, fill them with a ready-prepared Cream, and cover the holes with the bits cut off to make them appear as if whole; soak them in sweet Spanish Wine a little while, then flour them to fry and glaze.

Pain A La Creme, Cream Loaf

Take the Crumb out of a good large round Roll rasped, and soak the Crust a little while in Milk, Sugar, and Lemon; then drain and fill it with Fran-chipane Cream, and stop it up as the last; put a little Cream into the bottom of the Table-dish, the Roll upon it, and pretty thick of Cream all over, with Sugar Powder; bake it in a pretty hot Oven to give it a fine brown Colour.

Pain A La Duchesse - Duchess Loaf

Pound half a pound of sweet Almonds scalded, half a quarter of a pound of Pistachio-nuts, as much dried preserved Citron Chips, and half a pound of Sugar: When all is finely pounded together, mix it: with six Eggs, or more if required; beat up the Whites; butter the Dish you intend for Table, and put this composition upon it in the form of a small Loaf; bake it in a mild Oven, glaze it white, or rub it over with Whites of Eggs, and garnish it with Colours, or Nonpareils.