With the composition of the Biscuit de Turin, (see page 430) you may make what kind of small Pastry you please; it is the form and moulds which give the name; some are glazed with Sugar, some masqueraded with Colours or Nonpareils, and baked of a fine colour, and are mostly served without any alterations.

Génoises - Olive Fritures

Make a thin Puff-paste, cut it into small bits, and in each put a little prepared Cream, (as under the direction of Franchipane boiled) and a few Pistachio-nuts bruised, and mixed therein; wet the borders with Water or Yolks of Eggs to pinch them close, and fry of a good colour. You may also glaze them brown or white. These are also done with Apples, Marmalade, or any other, either baked or fried.

Canellons. In the form of a Cane or small Gun.

Make a pretty hard dried Paste, with a little melted Butter, a spoonful or two of Water, some rasped Lemon-peel, one Egg, about a quarter of a pound of Flour, and half as much Sugar; roll it very thin; make a little Cane of Card-paper, butter it well on the outside, and wrap it in some of the Paste cut for that purpose; bake it a few minutes; then take the Paper or Cane out, and fill the Paste with Currant Jelly, or any other.