Grenadlm Grenadins De Mouton - Small Fricandeau Of Mutton

They are larded and brazed the same as the Veal, and served upon stewed Greens, or with Sauce.

Gigot De Mouton A La Mode - Leg Of Mutton A La Mode

Lard a Leg of Mutton through and through with large pieces rolled in chopped sweet Herbs, and fine Spices; braze it in a pan of the same bigness, with slices of Lard, Onions and Roots; stop the steam very close; when done, add a glass of white Wine, and sift the Sauce, to serve with it.

Gigot De Mouton A La Gascogne, Ou A La Garone - Leg Of Mutton A La Gascogne, Or A La Garone

It is larded with scalded Garlick, and Anchovies; and then roasted.

Gigot De Mouton A L'ltalienne - Leg Of Mutton, Italian Fashion

It is larded and brazed; and served with a Sauce a l'ltalienne. See Sauces.

Gigot De Mouton A L'espagnole - Leg Of Mutton, Spanish Fashion

Bone it all to the end, then lard it through and through with large pieces, seasoned with Salt and fine Spices; put it into a brazing-pan with about a dozen middling Onions, and a pint of white Wine; cover it with paper, and put it in the oven; when half done, turn it, and put half a dozen large short Sausages in the pan; finish it by baking; turn it over in the dish, and garnish with the Onions; skim and sift the Sauce, squeeze two China Oranges therein, and serve it up.

Mortadelles De Mouton - Mutton Mortadelles

Mortadelles are a kind of large Sausages, prepared with any sort of Meat, and take their name from the kind of Meat used; they are sometimes smoaked as the German Sausages, or made after this manner, viz. Bone a Leg of Mutton thoroughly, and mince above half of the Meat cut from the inside, with a few slices of fresh Ham, Mushrooms, Truffles, Gerkins, a few cloves of Garlick or Shallots, (first boiled about a quarter of an hour, then chopped all together) scraped Lard, Pepper and Salt, with a few Yolks of Eggs to mix the ingredients; stuff this into the remaining part of the Leg, giving it the form of a large Sausage; tie it fast in a roller, and braze it in a pan about its own bigness, with a little Broth, a few glasses of Brandy, a bottle of white Wine, a faggot of sweet Herbs, a few Cloves, Whole Pepper, Thyme, Laurel, Bazil, and Roots; let it cool on the braze, and serve it upon a napkin.

Gigot De Mouton En Venaison. Leg Of Mutton As Venison

Lard it with fine Lard, make a Marinate with half a pint of Vinegar, a pint of red Wine, Pepper and Salt, Thyme, Laurel, Cloves, Nutmegs, pounded Coriander, and a few slices of peeled Lemon, and Onions; warm all together, soak the Mutton in it about twelve hours, then roast it; serve with a Sauce Poivrade in a boat: See Sauces.

Gigot De Mouton A La Servante - Leg Of Mutton, In The Plain Way

Leg of Mutton plain boiled, and served with Caper Sauce, or stewed Turnips, etc.

Gigot De Mouton A La Mod'ene - Leg Of Mutton, In The Modena Fashion

Bone a Leg of Mutton all to the end, which you leave very short; boil it till three parts done in Water or Broth; then take it out, and cut the upper part crossways, into which stuff sweet Herbs chopped, seasoned with Pepper and Salt, and a few Spices, mixed with Butter and Bread Crumbs; then put it into a stew-pan, with a few spoonfuls of the Broth, and a glass of white Wine; finish it, and add the Juice of a Seville Orange to the Sauce.