Epaule De Mouton A La Bonne Femme. Shoulder Of Mutton The Good Housewife's Fashion

Roast a Shoulder of Mutton till half done; mince the under part without cutting the skin; put the minced-meat in a Stew-pan, with a little Broth or Cullis, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt; bathe the skin with Butter or Lard, and Bread Crumbs; broil it, or colour it in the oven: Serve upon the hashed meat, and the blade bone, the latter being well broiled.

Epaulet De Mouton En Timbale

See Timbale a la Romaine.

This is prepared with Forced-meat like that in Veal Articles; only using the skin of the Shoulder of Mutton to wrap it in; in which it must be well tied, and properly brazed.

Epaulet De Mouton Au Sang - Shoulder Of Mutton With Blood

Take a tender Shoulder of Mutton, make an Inci-sion between flesh and skin, into which you stuff Pork Blood with some of the Flee, prepared as you do for Black Puddings; adding a little chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt; few it up, and roast it, covered over with slices of Lard and wrapt in Paper: Serve with Sauce au Porc Frais.

Selle De Mouton A La Sainte Menehoult - Saddle Or Loin Of Mutton Broiled

It is done the same way as the Shoulder; and it may equally be used like the Neck, for Stakes or Har-ricot.

Selle De Mouton En Canapé - Saddle Of Mutton Matted

Take up the Skin of a Saddle of Mutton, scarify the Meat, and in it stick sliced fat Livers, Truffles, fresh Pork, slices of Onions, and Anchovies; cover this all over with a good Forced-meat, made of rasped Lard, Suet or Marrow, Nutmeg, sweet Herbs, Mush-rooms, Spices, and three Yolks of Eggs, all pounded together; cover it over with the skin well fastened, braze it (the skin undermost) with Broth, and a faggot of sweet Herbs; when done, reduce the Sauce to a Caramel, Caramel, glaze all the upper side of the meat with it, and serve with Sauce Espagnole, or what you think proper.

Rot de Bif de Morton. What the French call Rot de Blf de Morton, is the two hind Quarters cut off together at the firsl Rib, the ends of the Legs being miffed in each other. It is a large dish, which may be plain roasted, larded or brazed, and served with any Sauce; or with stewed Greens or Roots, etc. etc.

Rot de Bif Glasse. The same, glazed.

Rot De Blf A La Garone

The same, a la Garone, This is is done with a Stuffing, wherein they put a good deal of Garlick; others call it Gigot a I'Ail, viz. with Garlick.

Gigot De Morton Au Chou-fleur. Leg Of Mutton And Colliflower G/got De Morton Au Vln De Champagne Leg Of Mutton With White Wine

Come of the Meat is cut off to mix as Forced-meaty and fluffed into it again; it is then brazed as all other pieces, adding a glass of white Wine to the Sauce.

Gigot De Morton En Filets Farcis - Leg Of Mutton Stuffed

This is done much after the same manner as the former, only that it is boned all to the end, and the meat made into Forced-meat; it is then tied up in the skin, and roasted, or brazed: Serve with any Sauce.