Terrine Au Monarque - Kingly Tureen

Garnish the bottom of a Brazing-pan with slices of Fillet of Veal and Ham; upon this place a Neck of Mutton larded, with Pickled Pork cut into pretty large bits, two whole Pigeons trussed for boiling, six Quails, and a couple of Partridges of a good Fume; season with Salt, whole Pepper, and Powder of Basil, and cover all with slices of Lard and Veal; put in a little Broth, a small glass of Brandy, and stop the steam with a Paste made with Vinegar; simmer on a slow fire, or in the oven, about four or five hours: Make a Ragout with chopped Truffles, Sweet-breads, Cock's Combs, a bit of Butter, Broth and Cullis, and reduce the Sauce pretty thick: The Meat being done, put it into the Tureen; sift the Broth, and mix it with the Ragout, taking care it is not too Salt; give them a boil together, and serve upon the Meat in the Tureen, Terrine de Lapreaux.

Tureen Of Rabbits

Cut two Rabbits into great pieces, and lard them through and through with large pieces of Bacon, seasoned with Salt and fine Spices; put them into a Stew-pan with a good slice of Ham, a bit of Butter, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, a Laurel Leaf, a little green Basil, and half a clove of Garlick; sim-mer them a little while in this manner, then put them into another Stew-pan, upon slices of Fillet of Veal, with all their first seasoning; cover them over with thin slices of Lard, soak them about half an hour over a slow fire, and then add a glass of white Wine; when done, put the Rabbits into the Tureen, and add some good Cullis to the liquid of their stewing; give them a boiling together; skim and sift the Sauce, add a Lemon Squeeze, and serve it upon the Meat.

Terrine De * Macreuses Au Fambon. Tureen Of Wild, Or Sea Ducks, With Ham

Truss them as you do a Fowl for boiling, and make a Farce with the Livers, scraped Lard, Mushrooms, Parsley, green Shallots, raw Yolks of Eggs, Salt and Pepper, and stuff the Fowls therewith; braze them four or five hours with a pint of white Wine, slices of Beef and Veal, two Onions, a Parsnep, a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, one Laurel Leaf, Thyme, three Cloves, Pepper and Salt. For the Sauce, soaka few slices of Ham of the same bigness, simmer them on a slow fire until they are done, and then take them out; put into the same Stew-pan some good Cullis, stirring it at bottom, to mix the Glaze which the Ham has made; add a little Vinegar, and put in the slices of Ham again to warm without boiling: Serve all together upon the Macreuses.

* This Water-fowl is not common in England; but any eatable Water-fowl, and particularly a small kind of Duck called Shuffler, may be dressed the same way: This is further explained in the Articles relative to Wild Fowls.

Terrine De Poisson. Tureen Of Fish

Take fresh Water Fish of any kind, or different sorts together. If they be dressed en Gras, stew them with a few slices of Veal and Ham, a little Broth, a glass of white Wine, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, one of Garlick, Thyme and Laurel, a few slices of Lard, Pepper and Salt; when done, drain them from the Liquor, and put the Fish in the Tureen; add a little Cullis to their Broth, skim it, sift it in a sieve, and serve upon the Fish; you may add to it what sorts of Ragout you please.

If it is to be Meagre, braze the Fish as such, and serve with their Sauce, or with Peas or Lentil Cullis. - Observe, that Tench must be scaled before they are dressed; but the scales must be left upon Pike and Pearch till they are done, which will give the Meat a better colour, and a finer white.