Poulets A La Cavaliere

A la Cavaliere, meaning without Art or Ceremony, Truss the Chickens as for boiling, the Legs being tucked into the inside, flatten the Breast, and ma-rinate them four or five hours in Oil, with Lemon Slices peeled, sprigs of Parsley, whole green Shallots, a clove of Garlick, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, Salt and fine Spices; then tie them up in thin slices of Lard, and a good deal of Paper, with as much of the Marinate as you can, and broil them on a flow fire: When done, take off the Lard, and Herbs which may flick to the Chickens, and serve with what Sauce you think proper.

Poulets Mignons Aux Ecrevisses

A favourite Dish of small Chickens with Craw-fish.

Split two Chickens down the back, and bono them all to the Legs and Wings; fluff them with a raw Farce called Salpicon, cut into small dice, made with Sweet-breads, Mushrooms, scraped Lard, chopped Parsley, green Shallots, Salt and Pepper; give the Chickens their proper form and few up the back; tie them up with slices of Lard, and bits of Linen or Stamine, and boll them in a Pan much of their own bigness, with Broth, a glass of white Wine, and a faggot of sweet Herbs: When done, take off the Lard, wipe the Fat off very clean, and serve with a Ragout of Crawfish Tails and Cullis: You will find the way to make it in the Cullis Articles.

Poulets A La Perle - Chickens In The Form Of Pearls

Split two Chickens and bone them all to the Legs; fill each half with a Salpicon as before, and roll it in the shape of a Pearl, cutting the Leg pretty close to give it a pointed form; then few them up, and braze them with slices of Veal and Lard, a little Broth, a glass of white Wine, two slices of peeled Lemon, a Faggot, half a clove of Garlick, two Cloves, a little Thyme and Laurel, Pepper and Salt: When done, sift the Sauce, and skim it very free from Fat; add a little Cullis to thicken it, reduce to a Sauce, and serve upon the Chickens.

Poulets Au Vin De Champagne, Chickens With White Wine Sauce

Take two large fat Chickens, truss them like Fowls, and lard them coarsly; give them a fry in Lard for a moment, then put them into a Stew-pan with slices of Veal and Ham, and the Lard in which they were fried; cover them with thin slices of Bacon, a slice of peeled Lemon upon the Bread: of each, a Faggot, two Cloves, Thyme, Laurel, a few whole Mushrooms, half a clove of Garlick, and a glass of white Wine: When done, skim and sift the Sauce, add a little Cullis, and serve upon the Chickens.

Poulets Au Pontife - Chickens, Pontiff Sauce

Scald and boil eight or ten small Onions till half done, drain them, and marinate them with Truffles cut into dice, two fat Livers, fine Oil, Salt and Pep-per, Parsley, Shallots, and a little Basil, all finely-chopped: Split two middling Chickens, and bone them all to the Legs; put the Marinate in them, truss the Legs upon the Breast, few them up, and give them a fry with a bit of Butter; then tie a couple of slices of Lemon upon the Breads, with slices of Bacon, and roast them: Serve with a Sauce au Pontife, which you will find in the Sauce Articles.