Rissollea La Choisy - Fried Forced-meat, A La Choisy

Boil a bit of Udder in Broth, Parsley, Shallots, Roots, Pepper and Salt; when done let it cool, and cut it in thin slices; put a good Poultry Forced-meat, into one or two bits, roll in whites of Eggs, dip them in good Batter, and Bread Crumbs if you like, and fry them of a good clear brown. You may also broil them, bathing them in Eggs, Bread Crumbs, and Butter.

N. B. Rissolles are made of any sorts of Meat following the same directions, either with Forced-meat or not.

Queues De Veau Au Choux - Calves Tails And Cabbages

Scald Calves Tails and pickled Pork, and scald also a good Savoy, about half an hour; take it up, and press the water out of it; cut it in quarters, tie it, and braze all together in Broth, slices of Lard, Spices, and Herbs, as in all other Brazes; when done take, them out and clean all free from Fat; serve upon them a good thick Cullis. If you would have the Cabbage as Sur-crout, add Vinegar. - Calves Tails brazed are very good dressed to any Sauce; also to use as a Hotchpot.

Queues De Veau Diversifiés - Calves Tails Of Different Fashions

Always scald them first; if you would serve them in Fricandeaux, lard them and braze as the former; if without larding, serve them with different Sauces or Ragout, fried or broiled, with any sharp Sauce in a Boat.

For brevity's sake I shall avoid giving a repetition of Queues de Veau au Gratin, and Farcies, as the direction is already given in different places. - All sort of in-sipid things are to be brazed in white Brazes, which are called so by putting slices of Lemon therein, as it has the power of keeping the brazed Meat very white, at the same time that it gives an agreeable sharpness to the Dish; yet very little of it must be used when the Braze is to serve for Sauce, after being well skimmed and sifted.

Amourettes De Plusieurs Façons - Lamb's Fry, And Others, Of Different Fashions

Lamb's Fry must be scaldeda moment, then soaked in Vinegar, Pepper and Salt, Parsley and Shallots; leave it in this Marinate about an hour, then dip them in a thick Batter, and fry of a good Colour: Serve with fried Parsley.

If you would Ragout them, put them into a light Braze, with small Onions, thin slices of Lard, sweet Herbs, half a Laurel Leaf, Thyme, a glass of white Wine, as much Broth, Pepper and Salt: Serve what Sauce you think proper, with fried Bread round the Dish.

If you would have them in Fricassee, take the Marrow out of the small Bladders (when scalded,) and prepare a Cream after this manner: Take a little Flour, an Egg, a Chestnut pounded, rasped Lemon, Sugar and Cream: make small paper cafes, place the fry in them, and put them a moment into the oven; boil the Cream a moment before you fill the Bladders with it, and Basle them over with Eggs and Cream.

You may also make Fries with the Guts of Turkies, or Sucking Pigs, filling them with this sort of Cream; or in the manner of white Puddings: boil them in Broth with thin slices of Lard, and serve with a Sauce a la Reine. (See Sauces.)