Cochon De Halt R'oti - Sucking Pig Roasted

Stick the Pig in the throat, as deep as the heart, that it may bleed well and die the sooner, as it makes it easier to scald; when the water is pretty warm, put the Pig in it, holding it by the hind legs; when you find the bristles coming off the tail by rubbing, take it out and rub it with a little Rosin, then hard with the hand; when it is well scalded wash it clean, and cut it open while warm; take all out except the Kidnies, truss it with three skewers, one in the hind Leg, one in the fore, and one in the middle; put into it a faggot of Parsley, Shallots, Thyme, Laurel, with Pepper and Salt, and wipe it very dry before spitting: cut the Skin a little near the Neck, and also near the Rump, to hinder it from breaking in roasting; when it begins to be warm, rub it all over pretty often with Oil, which will make the Skin very crisp; take out the faggot when you serve it up. - The English method of stuffing it is with Sage and Onions, Pepper and Salt.

Cochon De Lait En Galantine, Sucking Pig Coloured

After having scalded the Pig as the former, cut off the Head and Feet, and bone it without cutting the Skin; cut some of the Flesh to chop with Beef Suet, Bread Crumbs, Cream, Salt, fine Spices, five or six Yolks of Eggs, Parsley, Mushrooms, Ham, Bacon, some of the Pig's Flesh, Truffles, and Pista-chio Nuts, all chopped together, and well mixed with a few sweet Almonds and hard Yolks of Eggs; lay a down of the Forced-meat, then thin slices of Ham, and slices of Pig's Flesh, and so continue till all is used; roll it up in the Skin, and tie it very tight in a stamine or roller, with slices of Lard round it; boil it in Broth, a pint of white Wine, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two or three Cloves, Thyme, and a Bay-Leaf; boil on a slow fire, and let it cool in the Braze; serve it cold, either whole or sliced.

Cochon De Lait Au Moine Blanc - Sucking Pig, White Monks Fashion

Done the Pig thoroughly, except the head and feet, taking care not to cut the skin: Make a Farce (vizforced-meat) with Fillet of Veal, Beef Suet, Bread Crumbs and Cream, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mush-rooms, Salt, and fine Spices, mixed with six yolks of raw Eggs; cut Ham and Bacon into dice to mix with he Farce; stuff the Pig with this as if it was whole, bind it well, cover the back with thin slices of Lard, and tie it in a Napkin to boil in Broth and a pint of white Wine, a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, one clove of Carlick, two of Spices, Thyme and Laurel, sliced Onions, Carrots and other Roots, Pepper and Salt: When done, if you propose to serve it hot, wipe it clean, and serve with what Sauce you please; if cold, let it cool in the Braze, take off the Napkin and Lard, scrape the fat gently, and serve upon a Napkin with green Parsley round it.

Cochon De Lait Au Pere Douillet - Sucking Pig In Jelly

Truss a Pig as for roasting, and put it into a Brazing-pan much of its own length, with slices of Veal and Beef, four Calf's Feet cut in pieces, a small Knuckle of Veal, a little Ham, a large faggot of Parsley, Shallots, two cloves of Garlick, a Bay Leaf, Thyme, four Cloves, a bit of Nutmeg, whole Pepper, and a little Salt; cover it over with slices of Lard, and boil it with a bottle of white Wine, 1 twice as much Broth; let it boil for about an hour, keeping the pan well stopped; take care it does not boil so fast as to crack it: When done, take it out gently, and put all the rest in a smaller pan to simmers; clean the Brazing-pan, and garnish the bottom with fine green Pardey and Craw-fish, laid in a pretty manner, then place the Pig upon this, back undermost; sift the Broth, skim it well, and add slices of peeled Lemon, the whites of eight Eggs beat up with the shells, and boil it till it is quite clear, and strong enough for a Jelly; strain it in a Napkin, and pour it upon the Pig, so as to cover it quite over: When ready-to use it, dip the Brazing-pan in warm water, and turn it over upon a napkin.

N. B. Cere Douillet, means tender or delicate.