La Queue De Mouton De Differentes Façons. Sheep's Rumps Of Different Fashions

Sheep's Rumps boiled, or brazed tender, broiled or not, make a very pretty Side-dish. You may serve with what Sauce you please, sweet Herbs chopped, and Cullis, Mushrooms, and a pounded Anchovy, glazed; also with stewed Cabbages or other Greens. - The different modes of dressing Sheep's Rumps, are as follow:

Queues De Mouton En * Canapé - Sheep's Rumps Veiled

The Rumps being brazed very tender, cut pieces of the Crumb of a Loaf to the length of the Rumps, and fry them in Butter of a fine brown colour; put them in the Table-Dish with a little rasped Par-mesan over them, and a little Cullis in the bottom; lay the Rumps upon the Bread close to each other; melt a little Butter, and mix some Mustard with it, to pour over the whole; then strew it with Bread Crumbs, and put it in the oven to take a good colour, or under the cover of a brazing-pan. You may make aGratin at the bottom, either with a little Farce, or Bread Crumbs and Cullis. When you are ready to serve pour out the Fat, add two or three spoonfuls of good rich Consommee, and mix a little more Mustard therein.

* Canapé signifiesa kind of Couch, or covered Bed.

Queues De Mouton Au Caramel - Sheep's Rumps Glazed

The Rumps brazed as usual, make a strong Glaze with good Veal Gravy and Cullis; rub the Rumps over with it as a Fricandeau, and serve with any sort of stewed Greens.

Queues De Mouton Au Ris - Sheep's Rumps With Rice

Wash and scald what quantity of Rice you think proper, and boil it tender and thick in good fat Broth; when done, put some of it into the Tabledish, dish, and place the brazed Rumps thereon, covering them over with more Rice; smooth them over to keep their shape, and give them a good brown colour in an oven, sufficiently hot to forma crust upon the Rice. When ready to serve, add a proper quantity of good Cullis in the bottom of the dish.

Queues De Mouton Au Parmesan - Sheep's Rumps With Parmesan Cheese

Dip brazed Rumps in Yolks of Eggs, roll them in Bread Crumbs, rasp Parmesan Cheese over them, fry them of a fine yellow colour, and serve dry, with fried Parsley. - They are also dressed by mixing Parmesan with melted Butter and Cullis; pour some of this into the Table-dish, place the Rumps thereon, and then pour over the remainder; strew them over with Bread Crumbs, and then with rasped Parmesan; finish them in the oven, or under a proper cover.

Queues De Mouton A La Flamande, Sheep's Rumps, Flemish Fashion

Scald the Rumps in boiling Water; then boil them in Broth for about an hour, adding a scalded Savoy cut in quarters, and five or six large Onions; when three parts done, add as many bits of Sausages as there are Rumps; and when the whole is boiled very tender, drain, and intermix it on the Table-dish, pouring over a good Sauce, made of Cullis, Butter, Pepper and Salt, and a little Vinegar.