Pain De Mouton Au Gratin Mutton Rolls In Gratin

Cut thin slices of Leg or Neck of Mutton, about the breadth of a crown piece, put them into a dish separately, and strew them with chopped Parsley, Shallots, Chibol, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt, a little Nutmeg, and a little Oil, or Butter melted to Oil; let them soak about an hour: Have a good Farce made of Poultry or Veal; put some of it, about the bigness of a wall-nut between two pieces of Mutton, join them together, then braze them in a Stew-pan, well covered, to keep the steam in; when about half done, add a glass of white Wine; take out the Crumbs of as many small Rolls as you have parcels of Mutton, which put into the crusts; put a little Farce in the table dish, made of Poultry Livers, scraped Lard, Pepper and Salt, mixed with yolks of Eggs; lay the Rolls upon this, and keep the dish on a slow fire, to form the Gratin at the bottom; lastly, baste the rolls round with some good Cullis, and serve with a good clear Sauce, and a Lemon Squeeze, Filets de Mouton Marines. Filets of Mutton Marinated. Lard a Neck of Mutton, and marinate it about two hours in a little Vinegar, Water, Pepper and Salt, diced Onions, Shallots, Thyme, Laurel, and two Cloves; then drain it, and roast it: Serve with relish-ing Sauce.

Filets De Mouton A La Coquette

Fillets of Mutton a la Coquette. Cut pieces of the Fillet of a Neck of Mutton, the bigness of a finger, and lard them through and through with Ham and Lard; boil them in Broth, and a faggot of sweet Herbs; when done, sift the Sauce, reduce it to a glaze, with which you garnish the Fillets; have some good Forced-meat made of Poultry, well feafoned, and mixed with Yolks of Eggs; put some of this all round the Fillets, then tie them up in a slice of Lard each; bathe with Eggs and Bread Crumbs, and put them in the oven to take a good colour: Serve with what sauce you think proper.

Filets De Mouton Glasses Aux Concombres - Fillets Of Mutton Glazed, With Cucumbers

'This is done the same as Veal Fricandeaux, larded, brazed, and glazed; serve upon stewed Cucumbers, or with any kind of stewed Greens.

Filets De Mouton En Canellon. Fillets Of Mutton In Paste Or Without, (see Veal Ditto)

Cut the Fillet of a Neck of Mutton in two, make a hole in the middle of each piece, with a lard-ing-pin; fluff them with rasped Lard, mixed with chopped Shallots, Parsley, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt; marinate them in a little Oil, and roast them: Serve with what Sauce you please, Fricandeau de Mouton.

Mutton Fricandeau

The only difference from the former is, that this is done with the Leg, in the same manner as a Fillet of Veal is dressed; being larded and brazed, to serve with any kind of stewed Greens.

Hachis De Mouton De Plusieurs Fašons. Hashed Mutton Different Ways

The common, plain method is, to melt a proper quantity of Butter and Flour in a Stew-pan, stirring it continually 'till it takes a good brown colour; then add a couple of large Onions sliced, simmers slowly till they are almost done, and add some Broth, Pepper and Salt; reduce it to a pretty thick consistence, then put in the minced-meat of a roasted Leg or Neck of Mutton, and simmers it just long enough to warm without boiling.

If you would have it with Cullis, put some in a Stew-pan, with a few chopped Shallots, some Broth, Pepper and Salt, and finish it as the first; always taking particular care the meat is very free from sinews and skins; garnish the dish with fried Bread.

If you chuse it richer, put a slice of Ham into a Stew-pan, and soak it on a slow fire some time; then add some chopped Shallots, Chibol, Parsley, Mush-rooms, and a proper quantity of good Broth and Cullis; reduce the Sauce to a proper Consistence; take out the Ham, and put in the Meat, being finely minced; warm together, without boiling, and serve poached Eggs upon the Meat, with fried Bread round the dish.