Cotelettes De Mouton A La Villeroy - Mutton Stakes A La Villeroy

TheSE are stewed with a great deal of Onions; I don't think them worthy of further notice, any more than the Cotelettesa la Gascogne, which are brazed with Oil and Garlick in abundance, as are all the dishes under the same denomination.

Cotelettes de Mouton a la Servante. A la Servante means in a common plain Way.

Cotelettes De Mouton A I'allemande - Mutton Stakes German Fashion

TheSE deserve no more notice than many others, as Oil, Garlick, and a deal of Spices make the whole.

Cotelettes De Mouton A La Dauphine - Mutton Stakes, A La Dauphine

Cut the Stakes pretty thick, and lard them with half Ham, and half Bacon; braze them with a little Broth, thin slices of Veal, and sweet Herbs; sift the Sauce, and serve upon it.

Bresolles De Mouton - Mutton Collops

This is the Collop frequently well dressed in Inns in England, only more common with Veal, but will do equally well with the Fillet of a Neck of Mutton; it should not boil in the last preparation, as it will make the meat hard. Boiling has also the same effect. upon hashed Mutton or Beef; therefore only warm slowly.

Bresolles De Mouton A La (poele.) Mutton Collops Fried

Take a long kept Leg of Mutton, cut the lean free from any fat, and cut the pieces about the bigness of half an Egg; flatten them with the Cleaver, and simmer them a little while in Hog's Lard, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt; then put them into a Stew-pan, with a few slices of Veal, a slice of Ham, and all their seasoning; cover them over with slices of Lard, simmers them about an hour, and add half a glass of white Wine, and a little Broth; when done, take the Mutton out to drain, add a little Cullis to the Sauce, and skim and sift it, to serve upon the Bresolles.

Bresolles De Mouton A La Perigord - Mutton Collops Perigord Way

TheSE are much like the former, only that they are cut very thin, and marinated some time in Oil, sweet Herbs, etc. etc. they are then brazed in their seasoning, adding chopped Truffles and a glass of white Wine; or served with a Ragout of Truffles.

Bresolles De Mouton Out Concombres - Mutton Collops With Stewed Cucumbers

TheSE are prepared as the former, cut very thin and small, brazed very tender, and mixed with stewed Cucumbers, marinated some time in Vinegar before stewing. - It is needless to use fresh meat for all those Collops, as part of a neck or a leg roasted will answer the same, and will be tenderer, if care is taken to warm them slowly, and not to suffer them to boil.

Mouton A La Bechamel Out Onions

Mutton Bechamel, with Onions. Slice three or four Onions, and fry them slowly in Butter, not to brown them; add some Broth and a little Flour; when almost done, add two or three spoonfuls of Cream, Pepper and Salt; let it boil to a good body, then put in Fillets of roasted Mutton, to warm without boiling: you may add scalded chopped Parsley, and a Lemon Squeeze.