Oye Diversisiee - Goose Different Ways

Cut a Goose into quarters, (if the whole is too much for a Dish, use only the Legs and Wings) braze them with slices of Lard and Broth, a glass of white Wine, a few slices of Onions and Carrots, and all such Seasoning as is used in other Brazes: Being done very tender in this manner, you may serve with any sorts of Garden-stuff Ragouts, such as Turneps, Green Peas, small Onions, and Cucumbers; or with Peas or Lentil Porridge in winter; with Ravigotte Sauce, or any other, according to Taste.-If Legs and Wings of Geese are dressed as a Hochpot, they must: be boiled with all kinds of Roots, and a few pieces of Pickled Pork, or Bacon, without taking off the Rind.

Pieds D'oyes En Crifieaux - Stumps Of Geese In A Clear Jelly

Scald ten or twelve Stumps or Pestles of Geese, or any quantity you please, braze them in a good seasoned Braze, with sliced Lard, Spices, and a Faggot as usual; when they are done, wipe them with a clean cloth; clarify about a pint of good strong Veal Cullis, by boiling it with three or four Eggs bruised, with the Shells; stir it now and then till it becomes clear, then (train it through a wet napkin; taste the Jelly left it be too salt, and add a few drops of Tarragon Vinegar. Dress the Feet in a Stew-pan or a deep Dish, pour a sufficiency of the Jelly over them to cover them completely, and let them cool. When you would send them to table, cut each Stump handsomely with the Jelly belonging to it, and lay them properly on the Dish. - The same may be done of the Stumps or Pestles of any other Fowls.