Cooked Meat And Fish Will Keep Much Better If They Are Well Covered Before Being Placed In The Ice-Box

Cooked meat and fish attract flies and should never be allowed to stand uncovered. Do not put warm meat or warm food of any kind in the ice-box. If you do, it will materially change the temperature of the box and rapidly melt the ice. Keep the food covered while it is cooling, and put it in the ice - box when it has become cool.

Third - The foods that can be kept a long time with proper care are flour, sugar, salt, coffee, tea, spices and chocolate. All these should be kept closely covered to keep out dust and dirt. Coffee, tea and spices will lose their flavor if left uncovered.

Canned Goods May Also Be Kept A Long Time

Never allow the contents of a can to remain in it once the can is opened. If the food is allowed to stay in the can after it is opened sickness may come from eating it. You will also find that all canned goods will taste much better if the contents of the can are emptied and allowed to stand for an hour to get the air before being cooked. In the case of canned peas, beans and asparagus the liquid should be drained off as soon as the can is opened and cold water poured over them. It is not only safer to do this but the vegetables will taste much better.

Cereals - It is best not to buy cereals in very large quantities because, if they are kept too long, insects are apt to develop in them. Cereals should always be kept in covered glass jars.

The Bread Box needs special care, particularly in Summer when mould forms quickly. Bread that has become mouldy is unfit to eat. The bread box should be scalded with hot water frequently and then dried and aired well before the bread is returned to the box.

Cheese should be kept in a cool, dry place. It should be wrapped in a clean cloth moistened with vinegar. This will prevent the formation of mould.