Bean Croquettes

Shape dry mashed beans into thick croquettes (oiling the hands or dipping them in hot water occasionally), coat delicately with oil or melted butter, heat in oven till beginning to crack a little, no more. Sprinkle with chopped parsley, serve with Sauce Américaine, Sauce Imperial, or Mayonnaise or French dressing, or with a garnish of lemon rings with parsley butter, p. 163. Any seasoning but salt in the croquettes spoils them.

Lentil Croquettes

Prepare the same as bean croquettes, serve with any sauce given for mashed lentils, or with small boiled onions sometimes. A little browned flour and chopped onion may be used in the croquettes. Rice and lentil croquettes may be served with Boundary Castle sauce.

Peas Croquettes

Shape the same as bean croquettes, adding a little finely-sliced tender celery if desired. Serve with sauces given for mashed peas. The croquettes are very pretty rolled in parsley before baking. Chop the parsley, not too fine, and spread it out thin with spaces between the particles on a vegetable board. Roll the croquettes over it once.