German lentils, 1 cup.

Chopped walnut meats, cup.

Milk, 1 cup.


Celery salt.

Granola or bread crumbs.

Minced onion, cup.

Chopped celery, 1 cup.

Eggs, 2.


Sliced bread.

1. Thoroughly wash the lentils and soak overnight. Boil slowly until tender and run through colander. Add the walnut meats, one egg, and the minced onion browned with the chopped celery in a little oil. Add salt and sage to taste. Thicken with granola or bread crumbs.

2. Dip thin slices of bread in a mixture of one egg and a cup of milk, or thin slices of nuttolene may be used instead.

Make alternate layers of I and 2.

Stale bread crumbs. Hot milk, 2 cups. Eggs, 1 or 2. Butter, 1 tablespoonful.

Mix bread crumbs with hot milk, eggs, and butter.

Season with salt, sage, and onions. Serve with cran • berry sauce.

Large onions, 2.

Fresh bread crumbs, 1 cup.

Milk, cup.

Sage, 1 tablespoonful.

Beaten eggs, 2.

Chopped parsley, 2 tablespoonfuls.

Butter, cup.

Salt to taste.

Peel onions and parboil. Drain and chop fine. Soak bread crumbs in the milk; then mix all ingredients together. Stir the mixture over the fire until it is reduced to a thick paste, without allowing it to boil.

Serve a slice of the roast with a spoonful of dressing on one end and cranberry sauce on the other.