Vegetable Oyster Pie

Vegetable oysters, 1 quart.

Potatoes, 1 cup.

Cream sauce, 2 cups.

Pie paste sufficient to cover.

Chopped parsley, 1 teaspoonful.

Parsnips, 1 cup.


Boil the vegetables separately until tender; then mix with the other ingredients and put in a shallow baking-pan. Cover with the pie paste and bake a light brown. Serve hot.

Vermicelli Nut Pie

Nuttolene, pound.

Vermicelli, 2 cups.


Rich milk, 4 cups.

Eggs, 2.

Cook the nuttolene ten minutes in two cups of rich milk, then rub through a strainer. Flavor with celery salt. Cook the vermicelli fifteen minutes, strain, and pour over it while in the strainer two quarts of cold water. When it is well drained, line the bottom of a pie dish with one-half of it. Pour over it the puree of nuttolene and cover with the other half of the vermicelli. Make a custard of two eggs, two cups of milk, and a teaspoonful of salt. Turn this custard over the pie, and with a fork make an impression all over, to permit the custard to run through. Sprinkle a few bread crumbs over it, and bake in a quick oven thirty minutes. Serve with or without sauce.

Nut And Vegetable Pie

Minced onion, 1 cup. Minced parsley, cup.

Brown and add

Mashed carrots, 2 cups. Mashed potatoes, 2 cups. Nut food, 1 pound. Eggs, 2. Salt to taste and put in oiled pan. Pour over this a mixture made by beating one egg in one cup milk, and bake in a moderate oven till it is nicely browned.

Tomato Pie

Tomatoes, 6.

Chopped parsley.


Cooking oil, 1/3 cup.

Pie paste.

Peel and slice the tomatoes and place in a small baking-pan. On top of this put some chopped parsley, a pinch of salt, and cooking oil. Cover with thin pie paste and bake.

Protose Hash

Protose, 1 cups.

Cold boiled or baked potatoes, 2 cups.


Chopped onions, large, 2.



Put all together in a pan, pour over a little cooking oil, and set on the stove. When it begins to brown, stir up with a thin knife occasionally until well browned.

Vegetarian Hamburger Steak

Protose, 1 pound.

Sage, teaspoonful.

Eggs, 2.

Nuttolene, pound.

Grated onion, 1 tablespoonful.

Granose biscuits, powdered fine, 2.

Mix thoroughly, form into patties, and fry. Serve with tomato sauce.

Vegetarian Hamburger Steak With Macaroni

Serve vegetarian hamburger steak with macaroni and a little brown sauce.

Vegetarian Sausage

Boiled rice, 3 cups.

Grated onion, 6 teaspoonfuls.

Protose, 1 pound.

Salt, 1 teaspoonfuls.

Oil, 3 tablespoonfuls.

Sage, 6 teaspoonfuls.

Egg, 1.

Form into patties, and roll in gluten or browned flour, and bake in a frying-pan. If browned in the oven, put a small piece of butter on top of each.

Baked Stuffed Tomatoes

Tomatoes, medium sized, 6.

Chopped protose, pound.

Sage, teaspoonful.

Chopped parsley.

Toasted bread crumbs, 8 to 12 tablespoonfuls.

Chopped onion, 1 tablespoonful.

Salt, 1 teaspoonful.

Take out the inside of the tomatoes and mix with this the bread crumbs. Then add the other ingredients, and fill the tomatoes, piling mixture up on top. Place small piece of butter on each, and bake in a hot oven, until the tomatoes are cooked. When nearly done, sprinkle chopped parsley over the top.