Vegetarian Chicken Salad

Chopped protose, pound.

Chopped celery, 2/3 cup.

Grated onion, 1 small teaspoonful.

Chopped nuttolene, pound.

Lemons, juice of 2.


Mayonnaise, 2 tablespoonfuls.

Mix all together, adding mayonnaise dressing last. Serve on lettuce.

Almond Salad

Olives, 18.

Celery, 1 cups.

Blanched almonds, 1 cups.

Salad dressing.


Stone and chop the olives. Add the almonds chopped, also the celery cut fine. Mix with salad dressing and serve on lettuce.

Normandie Salad

Walnut meats, 1 cup. French peas, 1 can. Mayonnaise. Lettuce.

Place walnut meats in scalding water about fifteen minutes, then remove the skins, and cut into pieces about size of a pea. Scald the French peas, and set aside for a while. Drain the water off the peas, and let them get cold; then mix with the walnuts. Pour mayonnaise dressing over all, and mix thoroughly. Serve on lettuce.

Brazilian Salad

Ripe strawberries, 1 cups.

Fresh pineapple, cut in small cubes, 1l/2 cups.

Brazil nuts, blanched and thinly sliced, 12.

Lemon juice, 4 tablespoonfuls.


Dressing, 1 spoonful.

Cut the strawberries and pineapples into small cubes, and add thinly-sliced Brazil nuts that have been marinated in lemon juice. Arrange lettuce in rose-shape, and fill the crown with the above mixture, and cover with a spoonful of mayonnaise or golden salad dressing.

Nesslerode Salad

Red cherries, cup.

Black cherries, cup.

Red currants, cup.

White currants, cup.

Sugar, 1 cups.

Red raspberries, l/2 cup.

Black raspberries, cup.

Strawberries, cup.

Lemon juice, cup. Pit the cherries, keeping them as whole as possible. Put a layer of fruit in the salad bowl, then a layer of sugar, then another layer of fruit, and so on, till all the fruit is used, finishing with a layer of sugar. Pour over all one-half cup of lemon juice. Shake the bowl gently from side to side, to draw out the juice until it nearly covers the fruit.

More sugar may be used if needed. This salad should be made two hours before using, and kept on ice.

Fruit Salad

Apples, cut in half-inch cubes, 1 cup. Bananas, cut in half-inch cubes, 1 cup. Oranges, cut in half-inch cubes, 1 cup.

Mix all together and serve with golden salad dressing.

Waldorf Salad

Apples, cut in dice, 1 cups.

Lemon juice, cup.


Celery, cut in dice, 1 cups.

Mayonnaise dressing.

Mix apples, celery, and lemon juice well together, and pour mayonnaise dressing over. Serve on lettuce.

In making Waldorf salad use only crisp, white, tart apples, and the tender, white heart of the celery. The celery should be cut a little smaller than the apples. Use only white mayonnaise.

Drain off the lemon juice before adding the dressing, or it will ruin the mayonnaise.