Size medium, roundish oblate, with flattened apex; color deep yellow, usually with red cheek; cavity deep and wide; suture indistinct. Flesh deep yellow, tender, sweet, juicy; freestone; quality very good. A leading commercial variety in California and Arizona.


Size medium, roundish, hollowed at stem insertion; color orange, with some red in sun; suture distinct. Flesh dark yellow and juicy if ripened indoors like a pear; pit not wholly free. Grown on the west coast and in Utah. Arizona and Texas. Europe.

Oullins Early Peach

Much like the Peach Apricot in size and shape, but three to four weeks earlier in ripening. In California it is also said to be better in quality than the Peach. The tree is also a better bearer in Arizona and on the west coast.


Very large, the largest grown in the States, roundish, flattened, compressed at sides; color yellow, with brownish yellow in sun. Flesh yellow, juicy, rich, high-flavored. Commercial in Utah and South California. About the most profitable variety grown on the west coast. Italy.


Medium to small, roundish oval; color light yellow; cavity wide and deep; suture shallow, deepening at ends. Flesh yellowish-white, firm, sweet; freestone; quality very good. Grown in Texas and in several States.

Roman (Turkish Of New York)

Size medium, oval, compressed; color orange-yellow; suture obscure. Flesh fine-grained, quite juicy, good. Season, medium early. A leading variety in Western New York.

Routier Peach

Large, roundish; color deep orange, mottled or splashed with red in the sun. Flesh juicy, rich, and high-flavored; blooms later than the peach. Popular in Utah, Colorado, Texas and California; originated in California.


Large, roundish oval, compressed at apex; color pale orange, with faintly tinged red cheek; cavity quite wide and deep; suture shallow. Flesh light yellow, juicy, sweet, firm, and rich in flavor; quality nearly best. Starred in several States. Prof. Wickson says, "The leading variety in California."