Size medium, oval or obovate, regular; color lemon yellow, with reddish dots where exposed; stalk one and one-half inches long, inserted in very slight depression. Flesh white, juicy, melting, sweet, very good. Season, September. Much grown east of the lakes. Delaware.

Pear: Washington


White Doyenne

Medium to large, obovate, regular, but variable in length of specimens; color pale yellow, with red cheek and many small dots; stalk three-quarters to one and one-quarter inches long, brown, a little curved, and inserted in small round cavity; basin shallow, smooth, or very finely plaited. Flesh white, fine-grained, buttery, melting, high-flavored; quality best. Season, autumn. Grown across the continent. France.

Wilder (Col. Wilder). - Large, pyriform; color pale yellow, dotted and marbled with russet. Flesh melting, very juicy, tender, very good. Season, winter. Taking front rank among the newer varieties east of lakes and South.

Wilder Early

Size medium, obovate, color yellow with red cheek. Flesh tender, sweet, vinous, quality very good. One of the newer varieties, coming into quite general cultivation. New York.

Winter Nelis

Size medium, obovate, and often pyriform; color yellow, with blotches and spots of cinnamon russet; stalk one and one-quarter inches long, inserted in small narrow cavity; basin broad and quite deep. Flesh white, juicy, tender, melting, buttery, richly sweet, very good. Season, quite late. Double-starred in several States. Belgium.

Worden Seckel

Medium, conic pyriform; golden yellow in color, with crimson cheek; stem one-quarter inch long, not curved. Flesh dull white, juicy, buttery, fine-grained, melting. Season, autumn. New York.


Size medium, obtuse pyriform; color rich grayish yellow, bronzed on sunny side; stem very long and stout, inserted at top of neck; basin wide, regular. Flesh buttery, melting, sweet, very good; seeds large, black, flattened and pointed; tree very hardy. Russia.