The rose and strawberry show brought out a number of competitors, amongst whom were W. H. Spooner, William Gray, John L. Gardiner, F. B. Hayes, C. M. Hovey, J. S. Richards, B. G. Smith, and James Cowley.

Among the competitors for the strawberry premiums were George Hill, W. Heustis, J. L. Gardiner, F. B. Hayes, M. P. Wilder, L. W. Weston, W. H. Hunt, J. D. Fitts, B. G. Smith, E. W. Wood, W. Doran, J. B. Moore, H. Eaton, F. Parkman, B. Judkins, Hovey & Co., W. Fenno, J. F. Kimball. Those who made general displays of 100 bottles of hardy roses were J. B. Moore, J. S. Richards, Norton Brothers, Mrs. E. M. Gill and F. B. Hayes. The tables showed all the favorite and beautiful developments of the hybrid perpetuals, the much-admired Gabrielle Luizette, Baroness Rothschild, Baron Bonsletten, Alfred Colomb, Duke of Edinburg, Black Prince, Duke of Con-naught, which showed a dark red bloom; Mons. Boncenne, Madame La Charme, a beautiful white rose, Edward Morren, one of the best in the hall, Eugene Verdier, a beautiful pink rose.

Some exceedingly rare and rich orchids were shown by F. L. Ames, R. M. Pratt and H. H. Hun-newell, including specimens from Madagascar, Mexico and Australia. Two extraordinary groups of clematis, by F. B. Hayes and C. O. Saunders, attracted deserved attention. The showing of strawberries and other fruits in the lower hall was also of great merit.