The sale of Mrs. Lawrence's magnificent collection of stove and greenhouse plants commenced on Thursday last, and will be finished to-night The first day was wet and cold; nevertheless upwards of 60 people attended, consisting of the principal metropolitan nurserymen, several noblemen and gentlemen's gardeners, and one or two gentlemen. Among the latter we noticed, W. Upton, Esq., of Forest Hill, and H. Colter, Esq., of Dartford. The plants were, for the most part, in good condition, and realized, upon the whole, (air prices. When we were present on Thursday some of the largest of the specimens were brought forward. We observed that the enormous Epacris grandijlora, which for many years formed the crown head of the Ealing Park collection at the Chiswick fetes, was bought by Mr. EYles, for the Crys- tal Palace Company, for 12/ 10s; this fine plant was quite six feet high, and as much through, and fetched 10/. 15a.; this was purchased by Mr. Upton, who also became the fortunate possessor of a magnificent Azalea exquuita, for which he paid the handsome sum of 17. 17s.; this plant was in all respects in excellent condition, and measured about five feet in height and six feet in width.

The same buyer likewise purchased a beautiful Azalea variegata, four feet by five feet, for which 15/. 15s. was paid. An extremely good plant of Azalea Gledetaneri fetched 102. 10a; this was purchased by------Johnstone, Esq., of Oak House, Feltham. Azalea Zawrenceana, (which did not appear to be different from Minerva) fetched the great price of 24/. 3s.; this was bought by Mr. Upton; it was certainly a splendidly grown plant, measuring four feet in height and six feet in width. Azalea Apollo, five feet by four feet, fetched 8/. 10s.; and A. Gledttaneri, 71. 5a Azaleas, altogether, fetched good prices, as did greenhouse plants generally; although some Heaths, Erioetemons, Podolobiums, Indigo/era decora, and a few other things, sold for prices considerably below their value. Stove plants seemed less in demand than greenhouse plants, and therefore realised less money. Beautiful bushes of Ixora Javanica, 41/2 feet in height, and 3 feet in width, only fetched 21 10a; Dipladenia eraseinoda, four feet high, and three feet through, 10a; AUamanda eathartica, five feet high, and four feet wide, 2i 15a; and other plants of this description, fetched similar prices.

The number of lots sold to-day was 161; the principal purchasers, in addition to those already named, were Mr. Colyer, Mr. Amrose Basset, of Stamford Hill; the Earl of Stamford and Warrington; Mr. Dods, gr. to Sir John Cathcabt, Bt; Mr. Walker kb, of Acton; Mr. James Veitch, of Chelsea; and Messrs. Fraser, of Lea-bridge, Yesterday about the same number of buyers assembled, and a similar number of lots were sold, but they did not fetch near such high prices as they did on Thursday. The plants were, however, generally smaller. A Pimelea spectabilie, 5 feet in height and 6 feet in width, was bought by Mr. Col-via for 6. 15s.; a DiUwynia, 2 1/2 feet high, and as much through, was knocked down to Messra Fraser for 5/. 5a; Boronia temdala, 2 feet in height, and a little more in width, Was purchased by Mr. Vettor for 5/, 15a; Mrs. TrEaDweel had a Chorozema Henehmamni, 3 feet in height, and 4 feet in width, for 3/. 15s; Erica metulceflora bricolor, one of the handsomest of the genus, measuring 84 feet in height, and as much through, was purchased by Mr. Turner, of Slough, for 2/. 10a; Francieeea latifolia, two feet high, and as much through, was bought by Dr. Daubent, of Oxford, for 17s; the same gentleman also purchased an Adamia versicolor, of similar dimensions, for 1 2s; Boronia pinnata, three feet in height, and more in width, was knocked down to Mr. Speed, of Edmonton, for 2. 12s 6d Coleonema rubrum, a beautiful plant, six feet high and as much in diameter, was bought by Mr. Eyles, for the Crystal Palace Company, for 3/; other lots fetched from 10a to 4/. each. - Gardeners1 Chronicle.