Under English rule, in the State, this was a favorite, successful and profitable crop, and we can see no reason why it should not again be cultivated; more especially as we imported in the year 1872,1,458,740 pounds, costing at points of production $1,496,877.

Indigolera Decora

This is a good figure of this charming greenhouse shrub, which is not so common as it deserves to be.

The Inducement To Plant Forest Trees

Dr. Chas. Hay, of Warsaw, III., read a paper recently before the Horticultural Club of that place, saying: " That as an investment for our immediate heirs, tree planting is better and safer than a life insurance policy. The growth of wood on ten acres of land, in the older States, it has been proved by experiment, will, in twenty or twenty-five years, equal the price of the land. In twelve years White Maple grows one foot in diameter and thirty feet high ; Ash Leafed Maple, one foot in diameter and twenty feet high; Black or .White Walnut, Elm and Chestnut, the same; Hickory, eight inches in diameter and twenty-five feet high. The different varieties of Evergreens make an average growth of twenty inches in height, annually." Mr. Scofield, of Elgin, 111., says: "From his own experience, timber three feet in diameter can be grown on our prairies within fifty years. He recommends the Scotch and Weymouth Pines, for rapid growth, in preference to the Tyrolese Larch".

Influence Of Lake Erie Upon Climate

It is believed that the climate on the southern shore of Lake Erie is rendered mild by the atmosphere of that great body of water. While at Columbus the approach of winter has been made evident by the freezing of the Scioto, in Cleveland Roses, Geraniums, Crysanthemums and Verbenas are still in bloom in open grounds. - Dem., Nov. 2X

Influence Of The Moon

"We know of no reason why trees should be planted in the new moon more than the old. We have circumstances enough to control us without adding the moon.

The best time to cut underwood in order to kill the roots is undoubtedly during the summer, when growth is active.

Injury From The Morning Sun

The rays of the morning sun falling directly on frozen foliage or flowers, are injurious; and in localities where late spring frosts occur, it will be well to take measures to ward them oft Trees will do this better than a board fence.


Some of our correspondents complain that if they write for us, they are afterward annoyed by inquiries from our readers. We desire to say to our readers that if they will address their inquiries to us, we will try and have them answered.

The Delaware Grape is reported as fruiting finely in Canada West.

Inquiries About The Mass. White Grape

Mr. Hovey: All I can say is that I paid 5 dollars for a vine and now have it. Mr. Hoag: The vine is hardy and makes a fine growth. Mr. Barry's experience is the same as Mr. Hovey's.

Mr. Strong inquired about the Carter Grape exhibited in Mass. and well spoken of; fruit and foliage like the To Kalon. Mr. Hovey and Mr. Prince called the To Kalon a seedling of the Catawba. Mr. Hoag: The Carter is perfectly hardy with me. Mr. Bateham: The Idem is the poorest grape cultivated.