Messrs. Editors: I am a novice in grape-growing; have about ten acres of land; have out about four acres in Catawba, one in Delaware, and about one more in varieties - Concord, Iona, etc. Now, I want to fill the balance of my ground with something reliable, and was going to plant Catawba, as that does well with us; but I see Mead's book condemns it, so also Bateham, of the Lake Shore Grape-Growers' Associ-ation, and I am measurably in the dark as to what to plant. Can you enlighten me ? Avon, Ohio.

[We know not whether we can advise satisfactorily as to what grape to plant, or whether we can enlighten Avon; but perhaps he will get some light if he will compare Mead's book carefully with Dr. Grant's treatises, and note the fact that Mead speaks favorably of no grape except those in which Dr. Grant has a leading interest. Again, if he will trace the course of Mr, Bateham, he will find that, since his leaving the nursery business, he has advocated the Iona and others of Dr. Grant's grapes to the exclusion of all others, while in the section where he resides, the Iona has fruited but very little, and therefore he can not know much of it. Aside from Catawba, we should now plant largely Rogers' 15, Ives' Seedling, and Norton's Virginia, looking to the wine products for our returns. All these varieties, it is known, succeed well in both vine and fruit in the region from which you date, and they are all wine grapes. Salem, a new grape of Rogers', may be superior, but it wants testing, therefore buy a dozen or so of it and try it.]

Hyacinths, Tulips, and other Bulbs should be planted during this month. Make the soil deep and rich with well-rotted manure, but when setting the bulbs place around them clean sand. One of the best shows of flowering bulbs we ever saw was on the premises of a florist who made his ground rich and deep to within three inches of what would be the level surface. He then spread an inch of clean white sand; then placed his bulbs and covered them with sand; then one inch of soil, and a covering of thoroughly rotted manure.

To have a continuance of flowering in spring, the bulbs should be planted at different times in the fall; say, part the 10th of October, part the 20th, and part 1st of November.