Editors love a little freedom during the summer, especially when they can combine pleasure, instruction and business in one grand rural excursion. Such an one, of more than usual prominence, left New York on the 18th of July, for a westward flight to the Rocky mountains. Their route includes the Mammoth Cave, Ky., city of St. Louis, a reception at Leavenworth, Kansas, a ride by rail through the richest of the Kansas river valleys, and a tour from Denver, of two weeks, through the parks and mountains of Colorado and the Rocky mountains - a visit to the new settlements of Longmont and Greeley, as well as a trip to Cheyenne, Laramie, and by special train on the Union Pacific railway, through Nebraska to Omaha, and thence down the Missouri river to St. Louis, are incidental features. The object of the editors is to obtain reliable personal information about the agriculture and resources of the far west, and publish the same in their respective journals. Such trips always accomplish great good.

The following is a list of the members of the party:

Henry T. Williams, Agricultural Editor N. Y. Independent; Editor N. Y. Horticulturist.

J. B. Lyman and wife, Agricultural Editor N. Y. Tribune.

S. R. Wells and wife, Editor Phrenological Journal.

F. D. Curtis and wife, Agricultural Editor N. Y. Republican. X. A. Willard, Dairy Editor Rural New Yorker.

A. B. Crandell, Agricultural Editor N. Y. World. Mrs. S. 0. Johnson, Correspondent Country Gentleman.

B. K. Bliss and son, Representatives of The Rural Club, N. Y.

J. R. Dodge, 0. R. Dodge, Representatives U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.

G. M. Tucker, Editor Country Gentleman.

G. W. Brown, Correspondent Norwich Advertiser. R. P. Eaton, Editor N. E. Farmer.

Thomas Meehan, Agricultural Editor Philadelphia Press; Editor Gardener's Monthly.

H. L. Reade, E. Cor. Prairie Farmer. William Clift, American Agriculturist. John F. Keily and wife, N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.

C. 0. Green and wife, Correspondent Troy Times. George S. Noyes, Editor Mass. Ploughman.

W. M. Canby, Correspondent Germantown Telegraph.

Josiah Hooper, Correspondent Del. Tribune ; Rep. Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

George S. Bowen and wife, Correspondent Chicago Bureau. J. G. Kingsbury, Editor N. W. Farmer.

The party return August 22. The combined circulation of the respective papers represented is one million copies, very significant as to the influence of the party.