The Annual Register for 1862 presents more than its usual claims. The matter is very judiciously selected and condensed, every thing superfluous being pruned off. Besides the Almanac proper, there are many solid and very useful articles on various subjects interesting to the farmer and gardener; among others, an excellent article on farm buildings, a very interesting article on the growth of plants, another on grasses, one on lightning rods, a very elaborate, practical article on "balloon frame" buildings, by Mr. Woodward, an excellent article on movable comb bee-hives, by Mr. Quinby, and many others, the whole edited by Mr. John J. Thomas. AH the above are profusely and handsomely illustrated, which gives them an additional value. Mr. Woodward's article alone is worth many times the price of the Register. The Messrs. Tucker are entitled to much credit for the manner in which this useful little volume is got up. It is for sale by them, and also by Mr. Saxton, 25 Park Row, New York. The price is 25 cents.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit-Trees, Small Fruits, Grape-Vines, Rhubarb, etc., cultivated and for sale at the Cherry Hill Nurseries, West Chester, Pa. Hoopes & Brother, Proprietors.

An Address delivered before the Oswego County Agricultural Society at Mexico, September 11, and before the Franklin County Agricultural Society, September 13, 1861. By Luther H. Tucker. - An able and very interesting Address, published by request, and worthy of an attentive perusal.