Several gentlemen spoke, but all inclined to the opinion that the same money spent in stable manure produced as good effect as any of the special manures.

The Percentage of Years that the Peach-Tree Pears in the Various Portions of Western New York, and what Places are Pest for it. - Mr. Yeomans had had not more than three or four entire failures of the crop in thirty years. In one part found my trees dying, and underdrained the land and succeeded. A single acre bore 270 bushels of peaches on trees only six years old. Each year after the tree has borne, cuts out about one-third of the top, which gives increased vigor to the centre of the tree.

President Hodge. Whenever thermometer shows 15° below zero the peach crop is sure to be destroyed, especially if the sun shines after the frost. The trees must be vigorous and healthy to succeed, and if in non-producing years they are pruned very closely, they will throw out vigorous shoots all through the centre of the tree, and bear full crops.

J. J. Thomas. Close to Cayuga Lake the peach crop scarcely ever fails. Prunes same as Mr. Yeomans does.