A Freak Of Fashion

One of our fair American ladies has been indulging in a quiet, yet curious way of humbugging fashionable visitors. She has an orange plant in her parlor, which bears neither bud or blossom, but she has made two full blown flowers, and one half-opened bud of wax, and placed them upon the barren stalk. Her callers all admire the sweet perfume of the lovely flowers, and the gentlemen often remark that the bud has considerably expanded since they were there last. After they are gone, the family have a good laugh.

Free And Easy

A Western editor announces that bis wife has gone among her relatives "to recruit her jaded energies," and he himself is going to travel along the line of certain counties. He adds quaintly and familiarly, "Give us a nod and a shake of the hand as we go along!"

A New Rhododendron is noticed in the last Southern Cultivator, as having been discovered by S. McDowell, of Franklin, Macon county, N. 0. It grows to the height of five feet; the foliage larger and more rich than the Pontic, with larger panicles of flowers and a more brilliant color, which is a bright crimson approaching scarlet We have received a drawing, and shall publish it.

" Much Labor on Little Land," says the Rural New Yorker, " it has been observed is the secret of successful farming, and the more we learn practically and theoretically of agriculture, the firmer becomes our conviction that it is so".

A Freind In Need

Such has been, emphatically, Mr. Alvord, who is now printing our magazine. He came forward in the handsomest manner, and placed at our disposal his type and presses, and all the facilities of his office. In accepting them, as we did, we felt that he had placed us under obligations which we could never forget. May he prosper in all the great duties of life, and never feel the need of a friend. He occupies a "big" place in our affections; (he weighs about 240).


Perle des Panachees is one of the prettiest of this class. It is neither large nor very double, but is beautifully striped with pink and red, upon a nearly white ground, closely resembling in color a striped carnation.

Sanchette is a finely formed variety, of a deep rosy pink, and very full.

Schonbrunn, light crimson, very full, and finely shaped.

Triomphe de Jaussens, purplish crimson, fine.

Triompbe de Coster is a richly colored rose, and an abundant bloomer. Large, well formed, and double deep crimson.

French Jargonelle

Nearly as early as the last. The tree a rampart, vigorous grower. The .fruit is beautiful to the eye, but worthless to the taste - not worth growing. It has borne with me several years.

French Vegetables

We have obtained from Paris seeds of the vegetables figured in our frontispiece, and we shall take pleasure in supplying, those who desire them with a small quantity, sufficient for a trial, on application by mail or otherwise. They were grown here from seed imported by us last year, and received especial commendation by the committee on vegetables of the Genesee Valley Horticultural Society.