A Longiflora Major

The finest blue in cultivation; a superb variety.

The Lonibardy Poplar

Rather sensible in Mr. Allen. I hope he has the courage to practise what he so well preaches, by planting them in his grounds. For my part, I always did like the Lombardy Poplar, although it has long been an outcast with some people professing high taste in tree culture. As he heads his article in the plural, and has described only one, I hope he intends to show us the propriety of renewing some other "old fashioned" varieties. If so, he will do the public a service. Suppose you try your hand, Mr. A.?

Lonicera Angustifolia

Raised from seeds received from Captain William Monro, .from the North of India.

A slender deciduous shrub, with narrow lanceolate ciliated leaves, and small pale yellow flowers, growing in pairs at the end of a slender drooping peduncle, shorter than the leaf to which it is axillary.

This plant grows about four or five feet high in any good garden soil, and is easily increased by cuttings. It flowers in April and May; and is not only a distinct, but rather neat-looking plant. Where a choice collection of hardy shrubs is grown it deserves a place. - (Horticultural Society's Journal).

Lonicera Angustifolia 130037

Lonicera Pulverulenta

Of the many varieties of upright tree honeysuckle none are to us more attractive outwardly and dissectively beautiful than the one under the above designation. Its petals are a deep rosy pink with a white edge, that makes it attractive at first; and the more it is viewed, the more beauties are seen. Another year, make sure you have this variety in your group of tree honeysuckles.

Lord Raglan

A new and very beautiful variety, with very large flowers of a rich salmon finely blotched with vermilion: very fine.

Lord Raglan Rose

(See Frontispiece).

IN our Frontispiece, the reader will find a beautiful and accurate drawing of this new and superb Rose. The engraving is so well done that a description is hardly needed. Lord Raglan is a large and finely-shaped Rose, very double, nicely cupped, and of a vivid crimson and scarlet color. It blooms freely, and is a robust grower. It will take rank among the best of the new roses, and will no doubt be a favorite with the amateur.

Lord Raglan Rose #1

In answer to some inquiries, we desire to supply some omissions in regard to this fine rose, figured in our January number. It is a Hybrid Perpetual, and as hardy is any of that class. It needs no protection, except at the extreme north, and there but little. A. rose never requires but a light covering under any circumstances. More plants are annually killed by thick covering than by the severity of the frost.

Louis E. Berckmans

As to mulching, agrees with the preceding speakers. In Georgia, the only mulch he uses is to thin the weeds about the trees, merely shading the soil slightly. Has noticed that with a heavy mulch all the water from a light shower is absorbed, and on removing the mulch, finds the ground dry. Pruning: Pyramidal always gives strength and solidity to the base of a tree when young, and will last forever.