Double Primrose

T. B. Your primrose and polyanthus will winter much better m frames, than they would in your green-house. Doubtless if you have kept them in the latter it has been too warm for them. But the frames should be well covered in severe frost.

Double Red Of Various Shades

"Lord Wellington," rose colored; early, low, of finest bloom. "Bouquet Tendre," dark crimson; early, low, very superior. "Perruque Royale," rose; late, tall, especially lovely. "Gen. Yon Ziethen," deep crimson ; late, low, fine. "Eclipse," dark rose. early, low, beautiful. "Honneur d'Amsterdam," bright pink; early, tall, extra. "Comtesse de la Coste," rosy pink; early, tall, very double. "Alida Gatharina," dark rose; early, low, fine bloom. "Belle Marie," rich crimson; late, tall, very superior.

Double Sashes For Green-Houses And Vineries, Instead Of Shutters

(A Subscriber, Whitinsville, Mase.)

We think well of the plan. The first cost would be the chief objection, but there would be a great saving of labor and trouble in putting on and removing shutters. The effect on the vines or plants would, we think, be more beneficial than otherwise. We have thought of trying it on some of our own plant-houses.

Double Tuberose, " The Pearl."

Although first introduced in 1872, it is yet not generally known; is a new and entirely distinct form of the old Double Tuberose. Its chief characteristics are its short robust stem and great size of flowers, the latter being as freely produced as in the common sort, while they are quite double the size; young roots of this variety flower much sooner than the old sort.

Double White

"Sceptre d'Or," late, low, an exquisite flower. "La Virginite," early, low, very lovely. "La Tour d'Auvergne," early, tall, beautiful. "Gloria Florum," early, low, perfect bells. "Duo de Berry," late, tall, very fine.

Double-Flowered Hardy Delphiniums

The following new double sorts are mentioned by The Florist as very desirable:

Madame Jacot, large, soft blue or amethyst.

Dr. Edwards, dark blue, a noble spike.

Princess of Wales, sky blue, with white center.

Madame he Bihan, blue, shading off to pinkish violet.

Dowing-Hill Nursery

The catalogue of this nursery, at Atlanta, Georgia, is received, and appears to be worthy of the attention of 8euthern cultivators, from the proprietor having selected his fruit trees for a Southern climate. We should be glad to hear more frequently of Southern nurseries and planting.

Downer's Prolific

With this variety we will close our notes on varieties for this season, although many more than here named have been under our care and observation. Comparatively little known, the Downer is nevertheless a variety of very considerable value, in its hardiness of vine, great productiveness, almost if not quite equaling the Wilson, and its maturing its fruit very early, among the very earliest, and continuing it until the last. Too soft for market, where transportation by cars is necessary, and if picked before fully ripe a little acid, yet in the garden of the amateur, where it can fully ripen, there is hardly any one early sort its superior, all things considered.