The Double Flowering Fuchsia

Nothing in the floral world can be more beautiful than a well grown plant of the Fuchsia, ether double or single, studded all over with its bright wealth of pendant floral gems - so elegant and beautiful, so easily grown, and now so well appreciated. The Fuchsia delights in a light, rich soil, and requires a partial shade to succeed well through the hot weather of summer; above all, to be kept free from the red spider, which is the worst pest it has to contend against. They may be grown in pots (taking care they do not suffer at any time for want of water), or planted out in the open ground in a partially shaded place, where they will succeed and bloom finely, if the soil has been prepared to suit their wants.

Double Fuchsia - Champion Of The World

This is by far the largest fuchsia we possess. The foot stalks are of unusual length and strength, so that the flowers stand out boldly. The tube is short, the sepals are very broad and of great substance, well reflexed and of a most beautiful coral red. The corolla is of immense size, and as it expands forms two-thirds of a perfect ball, its color being of the most intensely bright, though dark purple. The plant is of fine growth, tall, and blooms abundantly, so that for conservatory decoration it is one of the most valuable fuchsias yet sent out.- Gar-dener's Monthly.

The beautiful scarlet geranium is the last' novelty in the hothouse. It blossoms in bunches of four or five flowers which are like full carnations.

Double Geranium, "Jewel"

The Journal of Horticulture says that Thos. Laxton, famous for his experiments in hybridizingpears, has also originated a remarkable double Geranium, named " Jewel." The great charm of the flower is the remarkably double form of each pip.

Mr. Laxton compares it to a miniature rose. It will be of great value for button holo bouquets. The habit of the plant is dwarf, and it blooms very freely. Received a first-class certificate from Royal Horticultural Society.

Double Lilt Of The Valley

This beautiful novelty is beginning to spread a little among us. It has been known for many years in this neighborhood, but has only of late been procurable. It is one of the very valuable additions to our spring bloomers.

Double Petunia

Isaac Collins, Columbia, S. C - The English and French florists have now many varieties of double Petunias - doubtless some of our enterprising florists have them imported and under propagation; but we have not seen any offered for sale. We cannot say whether yours is equal to or better than any of these. It may be worth more than any of them. The double white (P. imperialis) is the only one much known as yet.

Double Poinsettai

Robert Buist tells the Gardener s Chronicle, that he believes this plant can be readily flowered 20 inches across and 12 inches high. "Such a crimson crown has not been found in all the realms of plant growing." He has seen specimens 13 inches across and nine inches high.

Double Poinsettla

A new variety has been introduced in New York, and is now in the possession of Isaac Buchanan, of this city. The flower cluster is stated to be often 14 to 18 inches in diameter, and about six inches high. In the opinion of The Agriculturist 11 it will certainly take high rank for conservatory decoration, especially as it holds its color so long, and for florists and bouquet makers, the clusters of small and brilliant bracts will be invaluable.' It was discovered by Louis Roezl, who found it in a small Indian village, in the State of Guerrero, in Mexico, in May, 1873.