Hungarian Grass

The Bottom Cultivator says of the Hungarian grass: "Hon. A. B-Dickinson writes to the Country Gentleman, that the Hungarian grass of last year, and the Honey-blade grass of this year,' is nothing more than what millet was forty years ago.' That's so. Thus fade our visions".

Hybrid Bourbon

Charles Duval, a beautiful rose; large, finely formed, and of a lovelv bright rose color.

Coupe d'Hebe is one of the most beautiful roses that I ever saw. Its shape is scarcely to be improved, and its delicate pink color is remarkably fine.

Frederic the Second, a large, deep crimsoned sort; quite good.

Paul Perras, very large pale rose; not very full.

Paul Ricaut, large vivid crimson; very good.

La Vesuve is the most perfectly formed rose that I have seen. It is as regularly imbricated as a Camellia; quite large, and of a lovely bright pink color (I am not quite positive that it belongs to this class).

Of the Austrian Briers, Persian Yellow is undoubtedly the best. It is a splendid yellow, but not very vigorous, and has a villainous smell.

Hybrid Bourbon Rose, " Peerless"

Flowers in immense clusters of rich crimson; double, of fine form, and very fragrant; quite hardy in this latitude.

Hybrid China

Chenedole, a very large, showy rose, not perfectly double. Bright crimson.

Double Margined Hip is a very pretty and distinct little rose, although not very full. Color white, edged and shaded with pink.

George the Fourth. One of the best of the class, and very desirable. Deep purplish crimson. Blooms freely.

Magna Rosea. A very large pink rose, but not very double.

Madame Plantier, white; not very large, but fine.

Hybrid Perpetual Rose, Eveque De Nimes

We present this month for a frontispiece an engraving of the Rose Eveque de Nimes, a comparatively recent acquisition. It is a Hybrid Perpetual, hardy, and promises to take its place among the best. Our description of the plate was overlooked till the form was made up, and we merely allude to it here*.



Hybrid Perpetuals Roses, Select List

The following were exhibited by Ellwanger & Barry, at the New York State Fair, and are considered best out of a full list of over 100: Twelve Dissimilar Blossoms (Hybrid Perpetuals.) - Anne de Dies bach, Baronne de Maynard, Dr. Arnal, Geant des Batailles, General Washington, Joasinc Hanet, John Hopper, La Heine, Maurice Bernardin, Pius IXth, Sydonie, Victor Verdier.

Twenty-four Dissimilar Blossoms (Hybrid Perpetuals.) - Anne de 'Diesbach, Auguste Mie, Barome de Maynard, Dr. Arnal, Duchesse de Cambaceres, Geant des Batailles, General Jacqueminot, General Washington, Joasine Hanet, John Hopper, La Rcine, L'Enfant du Mt. Carmel, Madame Louis Carique, Madame Alfred de Rougemont, Maurice Bernardin, Pius IXth, Portland Blanche, Sou, de la Reine des Beiges, Sydonie, Victor Verdier, Prince Albert. Tea: Marechal Niel. Perpetual Moss: Delille, Salet.