The Siebrecht Greenhouses

These houses at Astoria are probably as complete in their appointments as any on Long Island. There are, as stated above, eleven houses in all, which during the fall and winter season are all filled to their utmost capacity. Three houses are devoted to the cultivation of the Bonsseline and tea roses alone. They embrace between six and ten varieties, and are most desirable for baskets and bouquets. One house is devoted to the smilax plant, and others to the camellias, carnation, ferns and miscellaneous flowers. This nursery has about two acres for bedding out the finer plants only, the flowers of which are for the retail trade. From Mr. Seibrecht we learn that the hyacinth bulbs are nearly all imported from Holland, as the plant does not thrive here, and the tubers run out in the course of four or five years. Great quantities of these bulbs are imported annually, and potting them for spring flowering forms a large business with all nurserymen.

Silk From A New Source

It is seriously asserted in the Trieste Zeitung, that M. Cavez-zali, of Lodi, has succeeded in procuring silk from mulberry leaves. The silkworm is henceforth to remain undisturbed in what Gibbon calls its "golden tomb;" and that may prove sober fact which Waller wrote as a flight of fancy: that "without the worm, in Persian silks we shine".

A New invention has been brought forward at Marseilles, France, for preparing flour by a chemical process, a great deal finer than by grinding. A sample of the flour has been Sent to the Academy of Sciences in Paris, to report upon.

The State of Ohio counts among her honors that she opened the first female college; introduced, or, rather, created the culture of the grape in America; discovered the true method of taking, magnetically, the ascension and declension of stars; invented the steam fire-engine; and gave birth to a noble series of painters, poets, sculptors, and men of science.

Silk Worm

Mr. Westwood has reported to the Entomological Society, that he has received several pupae of Bombyx Cynthia from Malta, and finds them to be very hardy. The silk from the carded cocoons is said to be of "incredible durability." It appears too, that in India there are not fewer than one hundred and fifty species of moths, the larvae of which produce cocoons available for manufacturing purposes, and improvable by "education," to use the term of the French sericulturists.

Silver Cluster

Originated with William Reed, County of Lincoln, is far superior to Allen's Hybrid or Rebecca, or any other white grape yet offered to the public."

Silver Star

Pure silvery white, with distinct scarlet eye, and large truss. Sunshine - Rich salmon scarlet; deep carmine centre. Van Houth - Pure white, with crimson stripes ; extra. White Queen - Pure white ; of dwarf habit.

Silver-Leaved Geranium, " Avalanche."

A vigorous grower, pure white flowers, leaves broadly marked with white; valuable mainly as an edging or border plant, where a line of white is desired.