Thomas Moore

Deep rich violet, tinted puce, a very large flower, occasionally nine inches in diameter; this variety has a curiously conspicuous tuft of white* stamens, rendering it distinct from any other.

Thomas Rivers

Rosy lilac, shaded like Colons sy, but greatly superior, being larger, with finer shaped cup, bud, and flower.


There is such an apple as "Victuals and Drink;" its synonyines are "Big Sweet" and "Pompey." Sweet, large; in perfection from October to January, but keeps till April. It is but a moderate bearer.

A Thornless Blackberry

U. E. Dodge writes us that he has a blackberry as " free from thorns as a cornstalk; the fruit large, oblong oval, large seed cells, like New Rochelle, and much sweeter; canes, hardy, very dark color, strong, erect grower, and prolific." This is a good "setting out," and we shall wait impatiently for a sight and taste of this new berry.

Those American Fruits

The reports from the American fruits at the London Horticultural Exhibition, are not all couleur dc rose. The Cottage Gardener is particularly offensive in saying: "The American pears looked as if they were from the sea-shore to the west of Liverpool, where they were starved in sand, roasted by a burning sun, and salted by the sea-spray. The pears from Nantes were much better, but not nearly so good as our English pears." This is bad enough, to be sure, but we must put a little of it down to prejudice, and a great deal to the voyage.

Notwithstanding the above, the best 70 or 80 of these pears were sent to Windsor to the Queen, and Messrs. Hovey have received the large silver medal, through the United States minister, for the collection.

The Three Best Rhododendrons

Album elegans, Roseum elegans, and Lee, dark purple.

The Three Bestapples. - J- Mecollum

Newfane, N. Y., says that the three best market apples for Niagara county, N. Y-, are the Baldwin, Rhode Island Greening and Roxbury Russet; that two years ago ex-Congressman Van Horn sold from nineteen acres $7,230 worth of apples, and his neighbor, W. V. Corwin, sold 980 barrcla of Baldwins, from 140 trees, at $3.25 per barrel.

Three Hundred And Fifty Varieties Of Pears

At the meeting of the Porno-logical Congress in France, September 19, 1867, one exhibitor had upon the tables three hundred and fifty varieties, or, rather, dishes, of pears - some fifteen or more of them being pronounced synonyms of others.

Pits should be watched, and air given when the weather will admit, in order to prevent damp and mold.


We last month, in Mr. Richardson's article, page 118, line 17 from top, put "thrips " in his frame of Dahlias; and in this we were a little too fast. " Slugs " are the fellows to look after at that season of the year; " thrips" come along a good deal later.

Thrip #1

Would you inform me, through the Horticulturist, if there is a remedy or (better) a preventive for the thrip? I have two graperies, the one built twelve years and the other ten years ago, and in all that time had no trouble with my vines, except thrip, which I can not keep out, either by syringing with water or aloes, nor tobacco smoke. Thrip.

[The thrip is always troublesome and difficult to get rid of. We have tried several remedies, with more or less success, but the best, and a good one, is the Gishurst Compound. We would advise you to try this. - Ed].