Yellow Corn

Golden Sioux, Golden Spike, Large Eight Rowed, Medium do, Small do., Canada, Jersey, Galatz, Dutton, Bowling's Early, Maryland Duttons, Kentucky Dent, Small do., Orange Cone, Nonpareil.

Yellow Lily - Lilium Canadensis

This is common in all parts of the country, and is found in moist meadows. Flowers in June and July. It grows from 2 1/2 to 3 feet high, bearing from one to five or six nodding flowers spotted inside with dark purple. It is a bulbous-rooted plant, and we have transplanted them when in flower, with good success, in our garden, growing in full vigor, bearing from five to six beautiful flowers in each stalk.

The Yellow Pine. Pinw Mitis

This is a very handsome variety when well grown, but while young its growth is quite slow, and on that account it is rarely grown or planted. Its foliage is a dark rich green, long and flexible.

The Austrian Pine.

Fig. 48. - The Austrian Pine.

Yellow Rare-Ripe

This variety, also freestone, ripens nearly at the same time as the Crawford's Early, and is much esteemed for its flavor. The fruit is large, skin orange yellow, with rich red cheek. The flesh is yellow, but red at the stone.

The Yellow Wagtail

A Yellow Wagtail has been amusing himself by thumping against a window, similarly to the one described by "Z. A., Dartmouth." A zinc water-spout crosses before the window, eight or ten inches distant; the Wagtail jumps from this, and raps the glass hard with its beak, sometimes from the window-sill. It does not appear much irritated, as if fighting with a supposed antagonist, and it cannot be for insects. Drawing the blind down does not affect its operations at all; neither does a stuffed hawk placed against the glass inside. It sometimes attacks another window for a short time. Some years ago one made a similar attack, but that was a black and white Wagtail; and in the spring of the year it persevered for some weeks, and then discontinued. - W. M., Hartley Castle.

York County Horticultural Society

At the annual meeting of this Society, held May 5th, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, E. Chapin, Esq. Vice-President, Samuel Small. Secretary, Edward J. Evans. Treasurer, B. H. Weiser. Managers, Edward Jessop, Geo. A. Heekert, Thos. Williams.

The Useful and the Ornamental: a Western Manual of Practical Rural Affairs; or How to Fence the Farm and Adorn the Home, etc. By C.Thurston Chase. Chicago, S. C. Griggs & Co., 39 & 41 Lake street. - This is No. 2 of Chase's Western Rural Hand-Books, and contains much valuable information about forming and cultivating hedges, ornamental trees, shrubbery, etc. A hand-book like this is just the thing for the West.

York Madeira

A hardy grape, ripening its wood well, growth moderately vigorous, very productive; bunch and berry of medium size, very compact, of pretty good quality, ripening a few days before Isabella, Hyde's Eliza, Canby's August, and also Baldwin's Early, as I have received it, so strongly resemble the above as to lead to the opinion that they are identical with it.