By J. J. Habermehl, gardener to John Lambert - Basket and a pair of hand Bouquets. By Jerome Graff, gardener to C. Cope - a basket and two hand Bouquets. By H. A. Dreer - A table design and pair of Bouquets. By James Kent, gardener to J. F. Knorr - Bouquets, not in competition. By A. L. Felton - Bouquets. By Thomas Meehan - Basket of native flowers.

Fruit - By Mark Hill, gardener to M. W. Baldwin - Grapes, three bunches Black Prince and three of White Frontignac.

By John Riley - Grapes - White Frontignac and Hamburg.

By Isaac B. Baxter-Plums-Royal Hative, Reine Claude, Apricot, Schuylkill and Seedlings; Pears - Bloodgood, Giffard, and Julienne, also Washington, Bartlett, Golden B. of Bilboa, etc.

By Wm. Hamill, gardener to C. Henry Fisher - Nectarines the Downton, Elruge, and smother kind, and Peaches.

By John Chambers, of Mount Holly - Plums - eight varieties - Apples - Red Juneating, Maiden's Blush, Summer Pearmain, and other varieties - Pears - six or eight kinds;

By Mrs. Mackau - Pears and Plums, a number of varieties of each.

By Samuel Noble, of Montgomery county - Apples and Pears.

By Geo. W. Earl - Plums, Green Gages, Washington and blue magnum bonum, and Julienne Pears.

By A. C. Michener - Plums, Washington very fine.

By Alexander Parker - Peaches and Plums.

By A. L. Felton - Isabella grapes, open culture.

By Henry Hay - Water-Melons, orange and tatooed.


By A. L. Felton, a fine display.

By J. J. Habermehl, gardener to John Lambert a small display.