We regretted to find several typographical errors in our last number, which were quite unnecessary - "Tropiolum," on page 111, should be Tropaelum. "Leon le Clerc de Haval," on page 125, should be Leon le Clerc de Laval. "Josephine de Moline," on page 135, should be Josephine de Maline.

"Stove-room," on page 128, 6th line from the top, should be store-room.

In the February number of the Horticulturist, page 92, you remark that the Virgilia lutea is allied to the Camellia, and the only native tree that is so. This is rarely an oversight, as vir-gilia belongs to Leguminosae, while Camellia belongs to Ternstromiaceae, which natural order is represented in this country by two genera, having each two species; viz., Gordonia Lasianthus and Pubescent, Stuaetia Virginica and Pentagynia. H. W. T. - Hartford, Ct.

The note in last number, page 188, will explain this. It was an omission of a line. Gordonia was referred to and not Virgilia.

I have growing in a honse for Grapes, a vine five years old. It has never shown any blossoms, and I think, from the appearance of the bads, that it will not this season. The vine is over an inch and three-quarters in diameter. [What kind, and how managed! - Ed].

I would advise those about building graperies, to use stone posts. Red and Yellow Cedar decayed so much in three years, that I had the house taken down and rebuilt Cedar posts cost me 50 cents, and stone $1.25 each, with a hole drilled in the top end to receive an iron bolt to.

Errors Corrected #1

Mr Ellwanger writes us that several errors occur in connection with his remarks in our report of the Fruit Growers' Society Of Western New York. We regret this Tery much, for we believe our reporter tried to give a fair abstract of the proceedings. We desire to have matters of this kind put right, and, therefore, append Mr. Ellwanger's own account of what he said.