8. D. HARRIS, Editor, Agricultural and Field Department. MRS. FRANCEs D. GAGE, Editor Home Department.

The Second year of this new Weekly Journal will commence on the 1st of January, 1862. Amid all the changes and chances this troublesome year, Field Note$ has successfully stemmed the tide and now rides the waves in triumph, having in one short and unfavourable year established a circulation from Maine to Oregon! Now we come before a generous public, which has known us for the last twelve years as editor of the Ohio Cultivator, and confidently ask their patronage for our new weekly journal, assuring them that if they want a paper which is not afraid to tell the truth, and not controlled by any party or speculation, Field Notes is just that paper.

If they want the earliest and most reliable reports of the condition and prices of markets, they will find them in Field Notes.

If they want information on the best way to produce farm crops, the best way to have good orchards and gardens, the practical writers in Field Notes will satisfy them.

If they need information on the care and diseases of horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, fowls, etc, they should read Field Notes.

If they relish a spice of field adventure with dog and gun, spry horses, and the like; let them take Field Notes.

If they want a paper for wives and daughters, and the young folks, that views the world from a woman's stand point, discoursing of home and its duties, such is Field NoTes.

In short, if they want a honest, practical, domestic, live home paper, they must have Field Notes.

And if they will not afford to take a weekly paper like Field Notes, they can get the cream of the practical agricultural, horticultural and home reading, in the Ohio Cultivator.

Field Notes is a large eight page double quarto sheet, published every week, at Columbus, Ohio. •