The exhibition of all kinds of fruit and vegetables was held in a spacious tent, affording ample accommodations for a large exhibition. The most extensive display was made by P. T. Quinn, of Newark, superintendent of the floral tent. Although the past season, especially in New Jersey, has been exceedingly unfavorable for producing fine fruit, still, competent judges affirm that Mr. Quinn ha3 succeeded in making the most creditable exhibition of fruit that was ever known in this State. The show of pears was really magnificent. Fine apples and choice grapes appear in liberal abundance. The majority of exhibitors are amateurs, not a professional nurseryman being represented among the apples or pears.

The display of potted plants and evergreens is very fine, and their artistic arrangement speaks well for the superintendent. The tent is beautifully ornamented, and is constantly filled with a crowd of visitors, who seem to enjoy themselves while admiring the productions of the Jersey soil. Mr. D. D. Buchanan has on exhibition forty different varieties of hardy evergreens tastefully arranged. Mr. Harvey has also a collection of evergreens, potted plants, and cut flowers, which are very fine. Mr. J. Hutchings, of Elizabeth, exhibited 100 pots of green-house plants, which deserve high credit.

I have seldom seen so large a display from amateur growers. There were a few Japan pears on the table, which attracted considerable attention from their peculiar form and appearance. Of vegetables there is an abundance; and judging from the large exhibition of potatoes, one would think that New Jersey is rivaling the productive soil of Ireland in that line. The most creditable exhibition of potatoes is made by Reisig & Hexamer, of Newcastle, N. Y., who displayed on separate dishes fifty varieties.

Rev. J. Knox, of Pittsburg, Penn., exhibited fifty varieties of grapes, and all of them are excellent specimens of their kind. The fruit was not taken from the vines until Monday morning, the 7th, and they were displayed at the New Jersey Fair on Wednesday morning in excellent condition. Such a large exhibition from one individual, and all in such excellent condition, reflected great credit on the producer. There are many other exhibitors in this department, but they are mostly amateur growers of fruit. Q.