The next meeting of this Society will be held, if we remember rightly, at Reading, Pa., on the first Wednesday in February, 1861. Will some friend there send us an account of the proceedings?

Fruit-Growers' Society Of Eastern Pennsylvania #1

We have received the following circular from this association, and would call special attention to it. The matters it treats of are of general interest, and we hope those to whom it is addressed will respond to it heartily. Mr. John Butter, of West Chester, Pa., is General Chairman.

The committee for the County of Philadelphia respectfully call the attention of Fruit-Growers to the existence of this Society, the objects of which are to foster and encourage the introduction of new and desirable varieties of fruits, to give a correct and impartial description of them, and to aid in their dissemination.

In order to carry out these praiseworthy objects, we respectfully urge on all who take an interest in this subject, the importance of carefully conducted experiments in hybridising our native with foreign sorts, and the production of seedlings from such hybrids, as well as from our well-known sorts, both foreign and native.

Beside the production of new sorts, there are doubtless many really desirable fruits already in existence which deserve to be better known; all such will be accurately described in the proceedings of the Society, if well-ripened specimens are forwarded to the committee at the proper season.

We therefore respectfully request all lovers of fine fruits to aid us in furthering the objects of this Society, by imparting such information as they may possess in reference to new fruits, or the improvement or deterioration of the older sorts, as well as the results (successful or otherwise) of any experiments they may have in reference to this object, such as peculiar modes of culture, the application of special manures, diseases, pruning, the destruction of injurious insects, or the preservation of fruits; and if these suggestions are carried out we may confidently anticipate the happiest results from the operations of this Society, not only in the dissemination of new and desirable fruits, but in preventing the dissemination of worthless sorts.

J. E. Mitchell, Chairman, No. 310 York Avenue, Phila.

Fruit-Growers' Society Of Eastern Pennsylvania #1

At the late annual meeting the following gentlemen were elected officers for 1861: President - Dr. J. K. Eshleman. Vice-Presidents - Joseph E. Mitchell, J. B. Garber, Samuel Miller. Recording Secretary - Gustavus Heins. Corresponding Secretary - Charles Dingee. Treasurer - Robert Otto.

The proceedings on this occasion are said to have been very interesting, but we have received no copy of them.