From Dr. Grant two boxes of fine pears, containing Dearborn's Seedling, Rostiezer, Beurre Giflard, Bartlett, Belle Lucrative, Flemish Beauty, Tyson, etc, etc., the Tyson of great size and beauty. From Mr. Field, specimens of Belle Lucrative, Flemish Beauty, Duchesse d'Angouleme, Louise Bonne de Jersey, etc. From Mr. Campbell, of Delaware, very fine specimens of the Delaware Grape. From Ellwanger and Barry, handsome specimens of Sheldon, Beurr6 Superfin, Lodge, Church, Kingsessing, Doyenne Rose, Gansell's Bergamotte, etc. From Mr. Coit, splendid Peaches grown on trees in pots. These gentlemen, and others elsewhere named, will please accept our thanks.

Fruit Received #1

For the following, not elsewhere acknowledged, we desire to return oar best thanks. From Dr. Grant, a basket of Pears, containing Seckel, Flemish Beauty, Beurre Diel, Louise Boone de Jersey, Beurre Bosc, Brown Beurre, Beurre d'Anjou, White Doyenne, Glout Morcean, &.c.; also Delaware Grapes. - From Messrs. Ellwanger & Barry, Rochester, large and handsome specimens of Beurre Diel, Buffum, Urbaniste, Napoleon, Winter Nelia, Beurre Superfin, Beurre Gris d'Hiver Nouveau, Beurre d'Anjou, Louise Bonne de Jersey, Brown Beurro, White Doyenne,Oswego Beurre, Rapelye's Seedling, Beurre Bosc, Ducbeaae, and Sheldon. - From Mr. Chorlton, exceedingly large and beautiful specimens of Beurre Diel and Beurre Bosc. - From Mr. W. L. Ferris, a basket of fine Lawrence Pears. - From Mr. Howard, of Buffalo, large and handsome bunches of Catawba, Isabella, and Concord Grapes. - From E. D. Barker, well-ripened Isabellas.

Fruit Received #2

To Mr. Mace, of Newburgh, we are indebted for a box of very fine Delaware grapes. We tried to keep them, but it was no use.

To some friend at Springfield, Mass., (name unknown,) we are also indebted for very fine Delaware grapes. We wish he would discover himself, so that we might thank him. - From Connecticut we received some very large and beautiful Flemish Beauty Pears; in all respects excellent. The letter accompanying them was mislaid, and we can not recall the name. The hope of doing so has prevented an earlier acknowledgment. - We have also received many samples of grapes and pears from other parties, all of which, we believe, have been acknowledged in other ways, according to request.