The first exhibition of this society for the present season, took place on Friday at Springfield, Mass, The display of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, was highly creditable to the taste and skill of the competitors, and the exhibition as a whole was very beautiful, answering fully the utmost expectations that had been formed. The array of fruits and vegetables, though not so large as could have been wished, was still very fine, and presented many superior specimens. The department of flowers excelled, and great taste and ingenuity were shown in the selection and arrangement of the most attractive designs. Our space will permit us to enumerate only a few of the contributions which we noticed during a brief visit to the Hall. Among these were several varieties of choice plants, including a splendid Cactus in full bloom, and an Orange tree laden with ripe fruit, from Mrs. E. C. Trass; fourteen vases of rich cut flowers from Mrs. E. D. RicE; a vase of Canterbury bells, from Mrs. J. B. RuMBILL, attracted much admiration; a beautiful vase of flowers from the Misses Edwards; another from Mrs. C P. Chapin; a dish of Pansies and Verbenas, very choice, from Miss C. Lombard; splendid Dahlias and Paeonies, the former the only ones in the exhibition, from E. Ingersoll; an Orange tree bearing rich and ripe fruit, from HEnrY Brewer, Jr; two magnificent vases of flowers from Buss & Haven; beautiful cut flowers from Mrs. E. BLISS, Miss Lucy AsHmun, and Mrs. S. MeArIcK; a superb collection of plants and flowers from Mrs. D. C. Brewer, among them fifty varieties of Roses, two splendid vase boquets and a basket of ent flowers; from B. K. Bliss, another choice variety of plants and flowers, including tastefully arranged Verbenas, Paeonies, Roses, Ac.; a rich boquet of dried grasses and wild flowers, from Geo. M. Atwater; 47 varieties of Verbenas, from Dexter Snow, and 40 varieties of Roses, from Robert E. Moore, both of Chicopee, added an attractive contribution to the display.

There were many others too beautiful to be omitted, but we are obliged to pass them this morning.

Among the fruits we saw some of the choicest varieties of Strawberries, from Ira B. Sampson; rare specimens of Gooseberries, from H. J. Chapin; finely developed Cherries of the Black Tartarian variety, from James M. Thompson; Coe's Tranwpareni, do., superior, from James D. Brewer; -also fine Black Tartarian, do., from E. McTntyre, Daniel Gat, and others; also beautiful specimens of May Duke and Bigarreau, from Mrs. J. B. Adams; some of the finest specimens of St raw-bcrries, Hovey, Willey, and jenay seedlings, from Daniel Gat, H. J. Chapin, and Mr B. C. Knox of Longmeadow; among other choice specimens of Strawberries, was a plate of Boston Pine, from Ira B. Sampson; also of the Giant Alpine, from Mrs. E. I. Edwards. In this department of the exhibition there were also other tempting specimens of various fruits, which we are sorry we have not room to enumerate.

The display of vegetables presented superior produots for the season. Among them were some fine varieties from Mrs. R. Bagg, Jr., of West Springfield, J. M. Thompson, Mrs. J. B. Rumrill, Rev. Mr. Seeley, Josiah Hoorer, W. M. Carr, h . J. Chapin, and others, of this city.Sprinfield Republican.