There is a Club at Poughkeepsie by this name, who hold frequent conversational meetings, and an occasional exhibition. They seem to be doing a good work, and we hope they will continue in it. In June they held their first public exhibition, and it seems to have been successful and satisfactory. Edwin Marshall exhibited 48 varieties of strawberries; S. M. Buckingham, 7; I. H. Cogswell, 10; Stephen Uhl, 4; H. D. Myers, 5; H. & J. Carpenter, 4; H. L. Young, 2; T. Gregory, 5; G. C. Burnap, 4; H. J. Jewet, 1; A. Wilcox, 1; W. Creighton. 2; D. Fonterey, 2; N. C. Trowbridge, 1; E. K. Jones, 1; composing a very fine display. Hothouse Grapes were exhibited by T. L. Davis, E. Marshall, and Haggerty & Kettell. Cherry Currants were exhibited by E. Marshall, who also had 17 varieties of Gooseberries. S. M. Buckingham exhibited 5 varieties of Cherries, and Isaac Tice one. The Ladies were also on hand with Bouquets and Cut Flowers, the contributors being, Mrs. N. C. Trowbridge, Mrs. G. C. Burnap, Mrs. A. L. Pease, Mrs. Rosenkrans, Mrs. A. Wilcox,Mrs. T. L. Jarvis, and Mrs. A. Vankleck, but not a " single" Miss, unless it be Carrie Sherman, which does not appear.

Perhaps they have no girls at Poughkeepsie. What a place it must be! No girls!

We understand that no prizes were awarded, and that the use of the Hall was offered gratuitously by Mr. Myers.